Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Scottish independence: the ‘Big Fearty’ Alex Salmond is withholding information from Scots despite FOI Laws, his shambles of an SNP Government is involved in the biggest cover up in Scottish history, Salmond’s bottle has crashed, someone bring a chicken in here!

Dear All

The Scottish independence campaign is dead; Alex Salmond and Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon are dragging the corpse about the place still trying to pretend that it is still alive!

It is a wretched sight to see them squirm trying to kid on that they are running a dynamic campaign when it is clearly ran out of life force.

Many things went wrong with the Scottish independence campaign but stupidity was one of the major reasons.

As well as stupidity, the SNP have come across as low minded and devious, substance was missing from the campaign well before the disaster of the ‘Declaration of Cineworld’.

There is no trust or goodwill in the SNP Government; this is shown by the Scottish Government having the worst record of any body in the country at dealing with its own flagship freedom of information laws.

According to the Nationalists, people have the right to know but that only applies when they are opposition, in Government it is an entirely different story.

The contempt the SNP exhibit toward ordinary working class is now a feature in the Scottish independence debate despite them working hard to keep up the phoney persona.

Information commissioner Rosemary Agnew has now written to the government’s FoI unit to establish what has gone wrong.

What went wrong?

Simple, the SNP is run as a one man band, the problem lies at the top with Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

In Scotland, due to the refusal to release information there has been a 14% rise in ­appeals of decisions taken by public bodies in response to FoI ­requests refusing to comply.

27% of these complaints are down to ­authorities not responding to requests inside the legal time limit of 20 days.

Ms Agnew said:

“The number of requests that are not ­answered in time that end up in appeals is unacceptably high, ­because it’s the one area that ­really is within the gift of the ­authority to get right.”

She added:
“Eight years on from the introduction of FoI, we would expect authorities to be more effective at handling ­requests, not less so. When they don’t respond, authorities fail to respect people’s legal rights to information – information which can be very important to individuals and communities.”

Ms Agnew also makes the valid point that failure to act properly is damaging public confidence in the system.

Freedom of information was enshrined in Scots law in 2005 and gives the public a legal right to information about taxpayer-funded Scottish public ­authorities.

Because the SNP are paranoid about their failures in devolved matters, the people’s right to know has been made more difficult, the rationale is to drag it out and hope you will give up.

Basically they couldn’t give a fuck!

The system needs fixed with stiffer penalties, the current situation looks like a massive cover up right across government bodies.

Perhaps people fear for the jobs as the SNP is populated with Nasty Nats.

What is needed to restore the system is a total collapse of support for the Scottish National Party; these people only learn when it hits their pockets.

Removal from Holyrood is already on the cards for some SNP MSPs given the nonsense from Alex Salmond in the Scottish independence campaign but more is needed to be done.

The Salmond era is coming to an end; the SNP needs to bypass Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and seek out a new Nationalist leader who is a Nationalist leader.

The lack of trust by the Alex Salmond Government in the people’s right to know is risible, this is no way to run a government or an independence campaign.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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