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Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says if indy ballot was held now the SNP would lose, George Laird right again, independence is unwinnable with her as the SNP’s ‘face of indy’, defeat is coming Nicola, just hang on!

Dear All

It seems that slowly but surely the truth is being dragged out of Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon.

Scottish independence defeat is coming closer for Alex Salmond and her, she isn’t signaling total defeat just yet, but she is on the right track.

Nicola Sturgeon is coming around to the George Laird view.

Apparently Scots are not ready to vote Yes in next year's referendum because they still lack information about independence says Nicola Sturgeon.

So, what information do we know now?

Well, we know that the Scottish National Party has lied to the Scottish people.

We know they have done this multiple times.

We know that they will tell one audience one thing and then tell a different audience the opposite……. to garner support and votes.

We know that they don’t have any detail of their proposals to the Scottish people.

We know that Donald Trump said that Alex Salmond is “dishonest”, "untrustworthy” and “lacking in integrity”.

And we also know from every poll that support for Scottish independence has totally collapsed.

Yes, but there is further to fall, this is an SNP cronies campaign run by not very bright people.

Alex Salmond wrongly appointed Nicola Sturgeon to be the ‘face of independence’, that was incredibly bad judgment on his part.

Since she has held the reins, public support has deserted her campaign completely, maybe it is the fact that she left Scottish women to die.

They were unable to get cancer drugs in the Scottish NHS because Nicola Sturgeon didn’t do a good job when she was in charge.

At present Ms. Sturgeon is a woman on a mission, to stand beside a shovel to get any and every photo opportunity she can in the hope that voters will rush to her ‘cause’.

She once said that her “Nationalism” is allegedly based on social justice.

Was it “social justice” on her part to leave Joyce Juszcak Anne Fisher and June Rankin to die by not acting?

Nicola Sturgeon’s “nationalism” stinks to high heaven, and more people are getting a whiff of it, and the smell is bad, it is turning people off in droves.

Sturgeon who has led the Scottish Government's independence campaign to disaster has admitted "many" people would vote No if the poll were held immediately.

The Scottish independence campaign died a long time ago, there were various factors, one of the major ones highlighted on this blog is the incredible lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

The SNP party isn’t a political party any more as far as I am concerned, it is a self serving clique populated with nasty vile people.

And let’s not forget stupid and ignorant.

The SNP held the Donside by-election, the election caused by the sad death of Brian Adam, I heard him speak once at a meeting, seemed decent to me both as a speaker and as a person.

A real loss for his family and politics in Scotland!

Whether the Scottish independence polling day is held today or on the 18th September 2014, the result will be the same.

The answer is No!

No to Salmond and No to Sturgeon!

Donside is a milestone, although it wasn’t planned, but like a part of a puzzle it all fits together to show that the SNP is in meltdown, the rot started not on the streets, but in the Scottish Parliament.

It just spread out from there.  

Deputy leader Anas Sarwar said:

"All over Scotland, the momentum is with Scottish Labour and in Edinburgh, Fife and Aberdeen, we have been gaining support for the SNP. Alex Salmond's obsession with referendum is costing him lots of votes. This week was an important staging post on our road back and while we know we still have some way to go, we are delighted with the progress we are making."

Willie Rennie, the Scottish LibDem leader, said his party had enjoyed "triple boost".

He said:

"Our share of the vote was up by a third, our number of votes was up and we were up to third place. As one of only two parties who saw an increase in votes in the Donside by-election, this is a solid result for the Scottish Liberal Democrats."

Nicola Sturgeon isn’t bright enough to win Scotland’s independence because she carry the people, much like Alex Salmond, the joke of ‘standing up for Scotland’ is ending.

Once the defeat comes, next up will see the Westminster campaign, if the Lib Dems rally, this reduces the chances of SNP gains, and the SNP will not be able to take Labour seats based on their ‘part time’ fighting for Scotland strategy in House of Commons.

Their continual petty dogma in the House of Commons is an embarrassment to democracy. If you vote for Lib Dems, Tory or Labour you get a full time MP.

If you vote SNP you just support a Salmond crony.

If you read the blog, I said the SNP would see my 1,2,3 predictions come to pass.

1/ The SNP will not win the Glasgow City Council Election.

George Laird right again.

2/ Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon will lose the Scottish independence referendum.

George Laird will be right again.

3/ The SNP will not win the Westminster General Election campaign in Scotland for most seats.

Nicola Sturgeon is starting to see ‘the light’, unfortunately for her; she is so far behind George Laird, and without the talent to fix her problems!

It looks like the ‘Messiah’ won’t be coming from Irvine anytime soon.

Finally, here is a piece of cybernat abuse I just allowed to be published on the blog, that way you know what you are getting when you vote for Scottish independence.

“aye you would rather get in to their arse you stinkng old perv wee boys arses to be precise why don't you take a walk of Jamaica Quay when your out cruising for arseholes, I've seen you you sick fucker”.

That is the limited scope and talent of ‘Soldiers of Salmond’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

We need plain hard facts from the SNP as to why we should vote for Independence. Not lies or bluff.
And they overplayed the grudge and grievance. The claim that Scots are slaves is a claim too far. Like many others.
They are leaning too far to the right for my liking.
Nationalist Socialism? I never liked that last lot.
I'm all for Scottish Independence but not the SNP kind.

Nazism blossomed under grudge grievance and malcontentment but thankfully not this time.

Bin the ban on corroboration Kenny. Another vicious Right Wing move by the Nationalist Socialists.