Monday, June 17, 2013

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon says ‘We’ll take our place at table in Brussels’, that can only happen if all EU members vote Yes, at present this seems unlikely as France and Spain are said to be No voters, Sturgeon presents assumption as fact to dupe Scots

Dear All

As well as all the other work that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon didn’t do to prepare Scotland for a successful independence bid, the one that really sticks out is the European Union.

The SNP leadership in the past claimed automatic right of entry, they also claimed that they could keep current British opt outs and the rebate.

As to their “expert” opinions on membership, that turned out to be little more than opinions from people who weren’t part of the current EU arrangements.

Alex Salmond has since been branded an EU liar in the Sun newspaper.

At the BBC Big Debate, Ruth Davidson pulled out the ‘letter of destiny’ in front of Nicola Sturgeon and waved it about, this showed that the SNP had never contacted the Union about membership either as a political party or as the Scottish Government.

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon then went through a pretence that a ‘dialogue’ was going on regarding Scotland’s membership. Her request for a meeting with the EU President was completely rebuffed. In the end her ‘European adventure’ was a measly talk to a think tank, but it was in Europe!

The latest information on the issue is that France and Spain would not accept an independent Scotland into the European Union. This has come from a European Parliament vice-president called Alejo Vidal-Quadras, an MEP from Catalonia.

He firmly opposes the region’s independence from Spain, his opinion is that France and Spain “will surely not” accept an independent Scotland. Spain’s objection would be based not on Scotland’s merits but on their own internal domestic political situation.

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon hope to negotiate its EU membership including opt-outs from the euro, free travel areas and a budget cut.

The timescale is nonsense as they want it all done in the period between the referendum in September 2014 and its proposed independence day in March 2016.

This is to try and get things set up for a bid to win the first independent parliament, it is an unreasonable timescale.

Mr Quadras, speaking at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, described this timescale as “pure fantasy” and the hope of securing opt-outs “a dream”.

On both counts, he is entirely right, the SNP think people will jump because they say so and because they control the Scottish government.

The bottom line in the whole sorry SNP EU debacle is that there is no contract with the EU and the Scottish government. That means the proposed membership has to start from scratch.

No opt out, no rebate and no quick fast track entry. 

When asked whether these states would accept an independent Scotland, Mr Quadras said:

“France and Spain, surely not. The UK, probably not. Don’t forget Spain has not yet recognised Kosovo.”

Mr Quadras said the SNP “are not telling the truth to the Scottish people” on the EU’s requirement for border controls with England.

The SNP have spun so many lies, made so many assumptions and denied answering legitimate questions that they have dug a hole which the ‘talentless’ can’t climb out of, the hole self dug is deep.

Mr. Quadras added:

“If we make a big effort of imagination and imagine a Scotland separated from the UK and a member of the EU, and Scotland is in Schengen [the passport-free travel area] and the UK is not, then there will of course be a border between both countries, with border controls and everything.”

The SNP position is that there will be no border controls between Scotland and England as there are at present, patently someone is lying.

The new row popped up as Flemish nationalist MEP Mark Demesmaeker said Scotland’s membership negotiations will be more difficult if it insists on EU opt-outs.

And when you deal with stupid people such as the SNP have in depth, those negotiations could be quite long, because before any treaty can be signed, the SNP would have to be taught European law and why it can’t be ignored because they don’t like certain bits.

Mr Demesmaeker said:

“We don’t believe in Europe a-la-carte, but there could be good reasons for Scotland to ask because they are enjoying these opt-outs now.”

An utterly clueless Scottish Government spokeswoman said there is no mechanism to remove EU citizenship from Scots.

The mechanism is Scottish independence, Scotland is in a contract with England, it is called the Act of Union; Westminster holds the rolling contract and all the rights. Once the contract is dissolved, Scotland doesn’t inherit any part of the contract.

Yes, it really is that simple, to be clearer than that, Scotland doesn’t have a contract with the EU at present regarding a current membership.

For that logic to make sense, the SNP would also have to be saying that they also hold a part share of a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

That as we know is rubbish, just like the SNP EU claims, it was a bogus attempt to deceive Scots on the reality of everything doesn’t change if Scotland votes to be independent. 

The Scottish government employee added:

“The future of Scotland is a democratic decision for the people of Scotland, not for politicians from other countries. Scotland has been an integral part of the European Union for four decades, and an independent Scotland will continue in EU membership. Ministers have always been clear – including in the government’s published documents – that there will be negotiation on the specific terms of our continued membership, but that these discussions will take place from within the EU. In the transition period immediately after a vote for independence in 2014, Scotland will still be part of the UK, so by definition will still be part of the EU while these negotiations take place. As such, Scotland would enter discussions with our share of the existing relationship between the UK and the EU, including existing opt-outs, as the basis for agreement.”

In the first sentence, it is clearly not true and designed to mislead people, Scotland’s entry as an independent member of the European Union requires approval of other member states by way of a vote.

If a country says no then any negotiations are meaningless, this right cannot be bypassed by the SNP Government.

Secondly, Scotland won’t have a continuation of membership, it requires a new one; the SNP are attempting to keep the waters muddy; to dupe people to get their vote. Saying there will be ‘continued’ membership is a just play on words.

The SNP’s EU hole has just become so deep that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon can’t climb out.

Time for an Alex Salmond quote:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people”.

Real genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, and as the Scottish independence campaign goes on; the more this will be flushed out and seen by the public.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

As a scotsman myself, I don't believe a word Salmond and Sturgeon say.

They never seem to put any solid facts on the table and use a bunch of fancy words to impress the less informed.

I also don't see the point in tearing a perfectly good union in half, which have helped build over the last 300+ years.

I've yet to see anything solid from Salmond about:
- Defense
- EU - which has already stated Scotland would have to reapply as a new member, which Salmond can't seem to get into his wee little mind.
- Which currency we'll use (since UK won't be sharing the £, as they've stated many times already)
- Where he plans to get the money from to pay for all of these fancy healthcare and welfare policies
- How will he continue to cover the free tuition fees in our universities
- Why does Salmond want to rely on Oil alone to pay for his budget, knowing full-well it is a limited resource, despite previously stating many times over that Scotland was going green.
- Would we really want to be stuck with Salmond's party forever in the event the other UK parties lack enough support (due to independence splitting them in half) to oust them in the future?
- How does he intend to hold up scotland's banks in the event they go bankrupt again? the UK as a whole had to bail 2 of our banks out previously, and it cost more than Scotland alone could ever muster
- How does Salmond intend to handle things like floods and severe weather, which cost millions in damage every single year?

As much as Salmond likes to think Scotland could hold its own, it certainly can't in its current state. We'll probably end up asking the UK to let us back in 10 years from now, or ask them to bail us out, and unsuprisingly they're more likely to throw a cream-pie in our face and say "We told you so".

I'll be putting my vote in the NO box. The UK might not be perfect, but its certainly better than what Salmond currently has to offer. I've only seen empty promises so far, which seem to change each week.

Anonymous said...

A well written article that I completely agree with.

Also I am in agreement with the comment left by Anonymous.

I am British - English, and I feel that we are much better together than separate.
I've listened and listened to the debates,the interviews etc., over and over and I have yet to to hear a STRAIGHT LOGICAL answer out of the mouths of Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and Co. I do not trust them.

I only see a group of people who are fixated on the control of power at all costs, knowing full well that they are winging it!
People of Scotland vote No - think with your heads and not your hearts..the day of Braveheart is in the past.

We have been successful together for 300 years, we need each do the Welsh and Irish..we are essentially one family, lets remain together and pool our resources, intelligence, etc. manpower.

This talk of separation is crazy. What next, resurrect the king of Wessex, or Mercia etc., how far back do we go..lets make each town, village, home separate!
We could have local Barons and Chieftains etc that could oversee the local serf population. They could raise taxes etc, you see my point.
We have evolved beyond this, we are more mature and civilized, we have proven that we can become one and in general improve the lives for the majority.

There always going to be people who slip through the safety net,... poor, unmotivated, feckless, etc, etc. etc, no matter how what type of society is created - far left, left, central left, centre, right, middle right, far right..etc, etc.,
Do not let the SNP fool you into thinking that they can offer will not happen!

All this talk of area's, regions becoming independent is dangerous and not in the interest of the majority. In world that is becoming smaller, more village like, interdependent, and also more dangerous..we must remain together.
This does not mean that we cannot be proud of our countries, regions etc..but nationalism has no part in today's society..I'm talking about the type of nationalism that separates, divides and then leads to distrust, paranoia,violence etc.
Once again think of the questions posed to the SNP and the answers given(!!!) to those questions..they are as clear as mud! A vote for yes will take you down a dark alley. Vote NO..the majority of the UK would be behind you..all the way!