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Scottish independence: Nigel Farage prepares to come back to campaign in Donside by-election, pro independence hate mob fails to stop democracy and people’s right to hear political argument, an established UKIP spells trouble for SNP

Dear All

Arnold Schwarzenegger famously used the catch line:

“I’ll be back”!

After a pro independence mob with connections to the SNP was coordinated to get Nigel Farage, he was forced to take shelter from them in a pub.

It was one of the most high profile attacks of ‘anti Englishness’ seen in an Alex Salmond controlled Scotland.

A roving mob took to the streets to silence political dissent which led the Police to act, to prevent Nigel Farage from physical harm.

But Nigel Farage is a fighter, and as UKIP leader he plans to come back and stand up for democracy.

Apparently people have the right to hear the truth.

And no pro independence rabble using the tactics of the Nazis in 1930‘s Germany is going to stop him.

His return trip to Scotland is to campaign in the by-election for the Holyrood seat of Aberdeen Donside.

Farage said:

"My intention is to go; it's just a question of what I have to cancel to do so."

Otto Inglis, an Edinburgh-based businessman, is the UKIP candidate, his chances are slim, there are many reasons; one is that UKIP although having done well in the South have really managed to create the same vibe in Scotland.

The SNP have put up Mark McDonald is favourite to win the seat, since it is an SNP stronghold, the SNP took, more than 55% of the vote in 2011 with a majority of 7175.

Despite this, the SNP have launched an appeal for their entire membership to come and be activists on this campaign.

In other words, work as menials delivering leaflets.

Mr Farage will also visit Orkney and Shetland, where the party has a "solid branch", one has to wonder if UKIP will be making a big push in Lib Dem held Westminster seats in 2015.

Lib Dems are on a sticky wicket due to the disastrous leadership of Nick Clegg.

In recent by-elections, they have suffere, the exception being Eastleigh where they held due to a strong base of support, but even that dropped 14 points.

When earlier this month disrupting a party event in the Scottish capital, Alex Salmond responded by saying:

"We can frankly do without UKIP, who dislike everybody and know absolutely nothing about Scotland."

Well, they know that the SNP is quite willing to let cancer sufferers die without acting to provide the vital drugs they need.

This is a taste of Alex Salmond’s over played sense of ‘Scottish’ fairness, couldn’t give a fuck!

Mr Farage described Salmond’s rant as "an extraordinary comment", which contained "not just a bit of fear".

He likened Nationalism to alcohol, saying "excess leads to deep unpleasantness".

And if you want to find someone who has had too many of the Nationalist bottle held to his mouth and probably stuffed up his arse, then check out my Nationalist stalker at @georgemlaird on Twitter.

The ‘water of life’ for this particular pro independence flows like free red wine.

A UKIP spokesman has described Salmond as having a "messianic complex", far from leading his nasty vile poisonous SNP clique to the promised land, he is leading them to polling stations which will act as virtual ‘bumming stations’.

On that long day, Alex Salmond and his rabble will all be taking ‘up the political arse’ hard as Scottish voters troop into to cast an overwhelming No vote.

Alex Salmond isn’t the force he once was, he has grown old and mentally weak, he is on the express elevator to the end of his career.

His failure to condemn the pro independence mob is a classic example, "not strength but weakness".

The UKIP spokesman said:

"Why was Salmond so angry with Farage? To suggest because Nigel comes from Kent that he is not welcome in Scotland is an argument in the extreme. He is angry because UKIP turned up and is serious about Scotland. Salmond fears we speak for a significant proportion of the population."

It also could play as a factor in the continual anti Tory rhetoric that the SNP is using if UKIP establish a power base in Scotland.
Many see UKIP as the anti-EU party and because of that they generally polls badly in Scotland, they need to start pushing Holyrood policies to the front of their agenda in Scotland, people need an alternative to the right wing SNP government.

And there is an opportunity for a right of centre party to emerge and carry the people.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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No to SNP fascists said...

Nigel Farage will be back in Scotland fighting for the Scots that Alex Salmond has abandoned. No thugs, bully boys, Nazi and scum will stop him speaking.