Thursday, June 20, 2013

Glasgow SNP Councillors stage walk-out led by SNP Deputy leader Billy McAllister, row over Glasgow petitions committee, weak SNP leadership continues to remain significant problem, the ‘curse of Hunter’ lingers like a bad smell

Dear All

Glasgow SNP had a shit leader in Allison Hunter, as someone lives in the ward she ‘represents’ I could not give her my vote in the 2012 Glasgow City Council election.

Votes are precious gifts and to give it to her would be a travesty of democracy so hard fought for.

Let’s put it this way, she wasn’t exactly an SNP activist in her ward, and she didn’t like tenements too many stairs, and she isn't exactly wonderful either if you ever speak to her.

So, she didn’t get my vote, and neither did any other of Nicola Sturgeon cronies, Mohammad and Mackie, all of whom don’t even live in the area.

Allison Hunter, a Sturgeon crony let Glasgow SNP slide into a rabble who did their own thing, instead of strong leadership, it was just woeful.

However she does have a big mouth especially when Sturgeon is backing her up.

Paper Tiger!

The Hunter ‘legacy’ is really the Hunter 'virus' in Glasgow SNP, opposition SNP politicians have staged a walk-out of the newly established committee set up to give the public a say in influencing policies at Scotland's largest authority.

The ‘new’ caretaker SNP leader of the group is an non Glaswegian outsider called Graeme Hendry, he works elsewhere so isn’t doing a leadership role full time.

Leading the walkout which was such a petty meaningless gesture was the SNP group's deputy leader Billy McAllister who recently was detained by Police Scotland as a complaint was filed against him.

SNP councillors claim as justification for the walk out that in its first year only one petition has come before Glasgow City Council's Public Petitions Committee.

Maybe there is an advertising problem, maybe SNP councilors should be more pro active in generating petitions.

Maybe Sturgeon’s part time cronies should do a better job.

The petitions committee is modelled on the equivalent at Holyrood, it takes time for an idea to catch on, not unexpected; did the SNP expect a flood?  

In what must be ranked as one of the poorest examples of politics in Glasgow, the SNP moved a vote of no confidence in its chairman.

When this failed, it was huff time at the Chambers!

And as a reaction to not respecting the will of the majority, SNP members, led by the group's deputy leader Billy McAllister stormed out, maybe they thought they would be missed.

They aren't, presumably an air of thank fuck they are gone descend in the room. 

As the chairman Frank Docherty pointed out:

 "We want to see to members of the public come forward with petitions but we can only deal with what is put in front of us”.

Another gripe from the classic SNP strategy of grudge, grievance and malcontent, is that the chairman gets £8k for his position.

What has that got to do with the price of fish?

Zero, it is an irrelevant point, how embarrassing is this walk out, I would say pretty bad, SNP caretaker leader pledge holding Glasgow City Council to account, when the SNP take the huff they just leave with their tails between their legs like ‘bitches’.

If I was part time councilor Graeme Hendry I would send them back with a flea in the ear for this stunt, or did he approve of this stupidity?
For the record, the SNP is pretty big on Gaelic; personally I think it is a pile of shit with limited use in the big wide world.

Council sources claim the failure of public petitions coming to the committee is not the fault of the chairman and down to all 79 councillors from across the spectrum for failing to publicise it locally.

What has Billy McAllister done to publicise this committee?

Other than complain, I googled and don’t see a lot done.

McAllister said:

"The whole point of this committee was to allow the public to have an opportunity to petition the council on issues that are important to them. It has completely failed in its remit."

Mr Docherty said:

"We want to see to members of the public come forward with petitions but we can only deal with what is put in front of us. It is also disappointing those members did not even wait to approve an important piece of work such as the Gaelic language plan before leaving the meeting."

And they wonder why the people of Glasgow bounced the SNP from taking control of the council.

Giving the way that Councillor Billy McAllister is carry on playing petty politics, it might have been better if the Police had held onto him a bit longer.

Glasgow SNP is run like a rabble, I blame Allison Hunter, they need a leader of men not a broken down old age pensioner, well pass her political sell by date.

She cost Glasgow SNP their chance to win Glasgow……. just pathetic and useless.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Cllr. McAllister suffers from WEE MAN SYNDROME.
Sad that he doesn't realise that.
He could actually help his constituents rather than going in a big huff every time he doesn't get his own way.