Saturday, June 15, 2013

Open letter to Hamish: did you read my SNP supporting stalker’s latest rant, you have hitched your star to a dying star, Alex Salmond is going to implode, already in interviews the SNP look defeated, hate is the SNP’s ‘oil’ reserve in Scotland

Dear Hamish

Did you catch the latest rant from my stalker?

Here it is:


You can find it on this post.

That is the calibre of the people you are possibly out there fighting with to be in charge of an independent Scotland.

It must get you thinking Hamish.

And there are lots more like this in the Scottish National Party ranks.

You have made a mistake, not to worry, they conned me too, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and they turned out to be rats! 

To address your points:

“Dislike of some senior SNP politicians should not blind anyone to the substantial progress made by successive SNP governments at Holyrood”.

Don’t you mean political choices?

Political choices don’t always mean progress.

You are right, there are ‘free’ prescriptions and no tuition fees, but these aren’t free, the taxpayer pays for this out of the Scottish budget.

In the recent Cancer drug scandal of Scottish women being left to die, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon didn’t seem to be politically bothered, until the matter kept being flagged up publicly.

Do you know that the Labour Party comes to read my blog Hamish? Awhile ago, I am not sure of the exact date, an SNP member remarked to me that Johann Lamont was saying things at FMQs which I said on this blog.

Must just be a coincidence.

“The taunt of Tartan Tories is now hollow”.

Millionaires and billionaires get free prescriptions and council tax freezes.

“The taunt of Tartan Tories is now hollow”.

I think not.

“It is ridiculous for a middle-class blogger to pretend to be against the 'bedroom tax' while rubbishing the SNP intention to abolish it”.

Hamish, people who can read and write are not middle class, just because I have a blog doesn’t mean I have some kind of social status, it just shows that I have a platform to air my views.

And yes, the BBC has trotted by, and the various press organisations. I sometimes blog on who trots by, with IP addresses to show my claims are factual in nature!  

“Maybe middle-class George Laird does not benefit from free prescriptions and no tuition fees, but the SNP government delivered these”.

Yes, Hamish, they delivered these, but let’s us remember why, they did so to secure votes and therefore their own positions, and as SNP Cllr Allison Hunter says, everything the SNP does is towards independence.

Post election, they really don’t care, here is another true story Hamish, just so you know what you are standing shoulder to shoulder with from my recent post listed above:

‘The Scottish National Party doesn’t give a shit about working class people, case in point; I gave a case to an SNP MSP in Glasgow, of elderly woman, heart and lung problems. I put the documents directly into her hand, all in order and fully documented.

After a month, the woman hadn’t been contacted, so I brought it up again.

I will fast forward to end, the Glasgow SNP MSP didn’t nothing, didn’t even acknowledge this case or contact the elderly woman’.

I am sure that you can come up with a suitable excuse Hamish.

And what about the attempt to brand me homophobic by the senior SNP leadership Hamish, did they think I would play their provincial minded game? Maybe they thought me being in the SNP did me a favour, they are just dumb ignorant bastards Hamish. Since I left and taking my ideas with me, they have collapsed, too stupid to win indy.

Or how about the denial of my legal rights regarding my data subject access request by the senior SNP leadership, treated with contempt by the SNP Data Controller, ask Peter Murrell who is the SNP Data Controller?

Or the classic SNP smear campaign against me not investigated by SNP Chief Executive and husband of the Deputy First Nicola Sturgeon, again, Peter Murrell. Mr. Murrell and Ms. Sturgeon really do deserve each other, birds of a feather.... who flock round shit like flies.

Add it all up Hamish, and in the cold light of day, coupled with a real good read of the polls, and you will see although independence can be a good thing, these people are unfit to have an independent country.

Of course, as I previously said, if you wish to contribute to their campaign by all means do so, you will be wasting your time; they don’t have George Laird radical thinking. Have you seen what a pig’s ear they have made of my Scottish National Police Force idea? At the SNP National Assembly I laid it all out, but the 'smart' people tampered with it.

Kenny MacAskill and the SNP fucked it all up. I understand that they have put someone who delivered leaflets for an SNP MSP on the National board.

That will be a big big help!

Finally, Hamish, I am not middle class, and it won't change no matter how much you keep saying it.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Hamish said...

May I just say again George that I totally deplore the vile personal attacks which have been made on you. They are not typical of the SNP members I know.

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