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Glasgow SNP Councillor Billy McAllister interviewed by Police Scotland after assault allegation made against him and another man, the less than epic, ‘Battle of Possilpark’, just how many complaints has SNP Councillor Billy McAllister filed against the Police?

Dear All

Have you heard of the ‘Battle of Possilpark’?

It wasn’t a gang of neds with sticks and machetes enjoying the glorious weather while chopping at limbs, and cutting people's heads off.


It was a battle between pro independence supporters, Tommy Sheridan’s Solidarity and the Scottish National Party.

Apparently it is alleged that the Deputy leader of the Glasgow SNP Councillor Group, Billy McAllister and another man, got into a fight with former Solidarity ­candidate John Park, an associate of Tommy Sheridan.

This was at a bedroom tax meeting in Possilpark.

Park said he was assaulted and ­threatened by McAllister and a 47-year-old friend.

So, the Police have gotten involved, as they do when a complaint is made.

When the SNP Deputy leader attended a Police interview with SNP MSP Bob Doris, presumably safety in numbers, the Police detained him for up to 12 hours and told him that Bob Doris could not join him.

Poor Bob Doris simply not relevant at all, even the police can’t be bothered with him as a list MSP, and just sent him packing.

However, the ‘drama’ didn’t end there, no, it was to continue, as Councillor McAliister , 59, suffered an angina attack at Glasgow’s Stewart Street police station.

The Police then rushed him to the city’s Royal Infirmary, where he spent the night.

And the food is probably better, along with the view.

As to his treatment which SNP Councillor David McDonald and the lying Nationalist bigot Tommy Ball took exception to, they went onto twitter to voice how ‘appalled’ they are, what did they expect?

Bigot Tommy Ball said of the Police:

“been saying for a while that the police in Glasgow are completely out of control. Treatment of Billy McAllister proves it - yet again”

Don’t the Police have the right to detain SNP Councillors when an allegation of assault takes place?

Tommy Ball, not the conscience of the nation more like the reusable ‘fanny pad’.

When a prisoner gets taken to hospital, it is for the Police to decide whether they should be handcuffed, that is what the rules say, not the prisoner or person detained!

And if the SNP or gits like Ball don’t like the rules they should take it up with the SNP Justice Minister who presumably will be backing the Police on this incident.

Maybe a complaint to the National Police board, unfortunately, there is no local representation, because the SNP changed my idea for the National Police Force and abolished the local boards.

Oversight is important.

While in the Hospital, SNP Councillor Billy McAllister was guarded for four hours outside the ward where he was being treated, it would be very unlikely that he would want to escape, and then there is the evening’s dinner to consider, plus the desert, maybe jelly and ice cream?  

Since, the incident at the Police Station, McAllister has complained to Greater Glasgow divisional commander Chief Superintendent Andy Bates about his treatment.

Complain to Kenny MacAskill and see how much further that gets him.

In what is becoming an old story, the SNP deputy leader also alleges he is the victim of a vendetta because he has previously ­complained about some officers.

How many complaints has SNP Councillor Billy McAllister filed against the Police?

McAllister said:

“I have serious ­concerns the police action was ­disproportionate and motivated by ­personal animosity towards me. This was completely over the top and downright bullying. On a previous occasion, a detective inspector who I’d raised concerns about spent 18 months investigating me for an alleged breach of the peace, which went nowhere.”

Awhile I blogged that a Police Officer was allegedly stating that Billy McAllister was a ‘time waster’, and when you get on someone’s tits, good will tends to take a hit.

Of the unhappiness that McAllister received, he said a uniformed sergeant became aggressive and ordered him to be put in a cell.

He said:

“The two CID officers were professional, however this sergeant completely lost the plot. He jumped off his seat and he was furious. He told the others to put me in a cell. I explained that I took medication for high blood pressure, angina and ­diabetes and that I didn’t have it with me because I had been told it was only going to take an hour or two. I said that, because I didn’t have medication, I wanted to see a doctor. This officer said that would take up to eight hours. As they put me in the cell, I asked for water but was refused. I got increasingly anxious. I kept shouting and ­banging to try to attract attention. After around an hour, they opened the door and I explained that I had an excruciating pain in my chest. When I asked this officer his name, he said I should know because I had complained about him before.”

If there is a concern, it must be on the treatment of prisoners being held, sadly, the SNP don’t give a shit about their treatment so it is bizarre that they should now get upset about what is standard operating procedure.

Councillor McAllister has not been charged but was told that he would be subject of a report to the procurator fiscal.

Glasgow MSP Bob Doris said:

“I have ­serious concerns over how Billy was treated, including during the journey to hospital. I am writing to the chief constable of Police Scotland asking for the matter to be investigated. He may have needlessly been put at risk. The police need to investigate.”

Maybe if Councillor McAllister hadn’t gotten into an incident with Sheridan’s crowd in the first place and just walked away he wouldn’t have to attend the cop shop and get interviewed.

At an election night at the SECC, I witnessed Councillor McAllister shouting ‘scum’ at another political candidate, for an elected representative it is undignified.

I blame the weak leadership of Councillor Allison Hunter who allowed the Glasgow SNP Councillor group to be little better than an ineffective rabble, they needed a strong leader instead of an old hasbeen Sturgeon crony like Hunter who was just useless as a leader of men.

The current Nicola Sturgeon proxy is Graeme Hendry and he is just a part time SNP councillor, who has failed to make any impression as a leader, he isn’t even a political force in Glasgow. McAllister should have been suspended from the SNP Councillor Group pending investigation, but probably won't be, there is weak political leadership at Glasgow SNP.

Looking at this episode, the Police need to address some issues, access to water, access to medical help, access to medication, and a review of hospital arrangements regarding the handcuffing of prisoners.

As to throwing his ass in a cell, well, if you can’t play nice with others in the big wide world, then chances are you may be getting kept in for the night...... no TV either!    

Police Scotland said:

“Two men aged 47 and 59 have been reported to the procurator fiscal. Councillor McAllister’s complaint is being investigated.”

Maybe the Police could give us all a running total of how many complaints Councillor Billy McAllister actually has stuck in.

Any comedy in this latest Glasgow SNP story concerning Billy McAllister?

Only the police officer who when asked his name by McAllister, he said ‘you should know you have complained about me before’.

Obviously the Police officer has managed to keep a sense of humour.  

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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