Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and ‘concerned citizen’ Nicola Sturgeon refuse to budge on baby ashes public inquiry call, this is the third time of asking, where are the ‘people’s champions’ in the SNP, not one attended a meeting with the grieving parents!

Dear All

In 2010, the Scottish National Party ran their Westminster campaign with a slogan:

“elect a people’s champion”.

It was a lie, elect a Salmond and Sturgeon crony would have been more apt.

At present there are calls for a public inquiry into the baby ashes scandal, the Scottish Conservatives and others have been pressing for this for some time.

So, given that there are grieving parents where are these so called people’s champions?

These defenders of right and wrong did they all suddenly lose their “balls”.

The Baby ashes scandal has wide spread political support in parliament; Labour, Conservatives and The Greens see that a public inquiry is the way forward.

But what do the parents get?

Not a whole lot; and certainly well below what any reasonable person would expect given their circumstances.

We are now at the third call for this investigation to take place; Alex Salmond has again rejected this new and has revealing his own mother had a stillborn child.

What has his mother got to do this?

Does Salmond’s family’s experience somehow give them comfort?

I think not.

Salmond really is quite the repugnant individual using this as cover to escape criticism.

And in a rather disgusting offhand reply he said:

“Let’s just accept that everyone in this Parliament has great sympathy and empathy for the parents in these circumstances.”

Do they?

Not a single SNP MSP or SNP Cabinet Minster made themselves available to meet the parents when they attended parliament!

Not one!

Alex Salmond refused to attend a meeting to hear the calls for a public inquiry.

Bereaved parents took photographs of their dead infants into Parliament in an attempt to draw attention to the mishandling of babies’ ashes in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Falkirk and Aberdeen.

This sorry episode only serves to highlight that the SNP is just a one man band and the so called ‘people’s champions’ are nothing of the sort.

Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said:

““There is no getting away from the fact that the only party that is not supporting the parents’ call for an inquiry is the SNP. The parents out there just don’t understand it and neither do I.”

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon wonder why people are turning their backs on them, the answer is staring them right in the face, deep down, these are two despicable opportunist people.

Nicola Sturgeon has used a line to justify herself by saying, “it is the right thing to do”, this is in relation to ‘gay marriage’, lots of time to work on ‘gay’ issues in the SNP but no time to see the grieving parents of dead babies.

As I say, these two are becoming increasingly bizarre and out of touch with ordinary Scottish people.

Their ‘Scottish values’ which they harp on about as being so special and unique to Scotland seem to be just another con trick on voters.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I would like a list of these Scottish Values that the SNP rattle on about.

Wha's like us?

Is this what they mean?
Scots are better than other races or cultures?
Shades of the Aryan mentality.
The last lot that had this attitude eventually came out the closet. And we all know that part of history.
In fact weren't they Nationalists?

Anonymous said...

If as Alex says, you'll not notice the difference the day after Independence, maybe he could also tell us the point of it?
I wanted a free Scotland from a young age, but SNP Independence quite simply isn't.