Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scottish independence: ex SNP leader Gordon Wilson emerges to join the growing band of people who are publicly stating that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are going to lose the Scottish indy referendum, total collapse of support

Dear All

It seems that there is a growing band of people such as myself who know what Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are refusing to tell their supporters.

The Nationalists will lose independence referendum in 2014.

Gordon Wilson has said after looking at what must be the most shambolic campaign ever run by the SNP that voters will reject Scottish independence in next year’s referendum but change their minds within a decade.

He is of course 50% right.

Once Alex Salmond is soundly defeated, the next ‘unity’ candidate is Nicola Sturgeon, that means decades before another attempt can be made, the ‘fresh talent’ below Salmond and Sturgeon such Derek MacKay, Joan McAlpine and Bob Doris, they have about as much appeal to the Scottish public as a fart in a spacesuit.

Mackay is a walking election leaflet, not the brightest tack in the box; I think he sounds like a little smarmy shit, Ms. McAlpine, dubbed the wee white whine, well the sooner her arse is on the street the better for humanity, Bob Doris, just a dick!

Gordon Wilson admitted he was “laid back” about the prospect of losing because the issue would return in the near future.

The never-endum!

To return to Sturgeon, she will be a caretaker leader, one can only wonder what rubbish she will spill onto the Scottish political scene, more about fairness, equality and social justice, which in case you were asleep is a lie.

And then there is the issue of Team Sturgeon, the rather squalid nasty vile little clique that surrounds her.

If there is a reason to vote No, it is meeting these little bastards up close.

As to the increasingly beleaguered Yes Scotland campaign run by Team Salmond and Team Sturgeon, Gordon Wilson says they should still try and drive up support for separation next year by “going for the jugular of the Union and destroying faith in the future of Britain”.

If he took the time to look at poll after poll, he would know that these people couldn’t fuck a doorknob, could organise a piss up in a brewery and finally couldn’t get their hole in a barrel of fannies!

The latest poll involving the children’s vote showed that only 20% of teenagers eligible to vote in the referendum back separation.

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon’s “nationalism” isn’t about helping Scots, it is about helping themselves; their poisonous vision has been rejected by Scots.

Wilson comments appear to confirm fears among Unionist parties that the separatists will try to create a “never-endum” of a rolling vote by definition of winning a Holyrood election.

Can Scotland achieve independence?

At some stage, it is possible that an attempt could be successful, but the window will remain closed by virtue that the current crop are a greed self serving SNP clique who are despised.

Non entities have entered parliament, party hacks devoid of thought, and original thinking, if they think they represent the future, they deserve the contempt leveled at the SNP by an increasingly distrustful voting population.

Mr Wilson said the First Minister should drive up support for separation by portraying the UK as an international laughing stock that is “is going down the plughole.”

Once the ‘jolly fat man’ steps down and is a memory, no one will give Nicola Sturgeon the time of day, yes, we will take the bribes offered if they are better than Labour, but the SNP will be buying the vote.

They wouldn’t get it on principle.

A spokesman for Better Together, the pro-UK referendum campaign, said:

“These comments are extraordinary and show that the nationalists don’t care about what is best for Scotland, only what is best for the nationalists. Scotland cannot be put on pause for the next few decades while we argue about the constitution.”

As a sign of how desperate the SNP is for a good PR story, Alex Salmond took time out to go see the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo.

One thing for certain, these are two residents that won’t be casting a vote for him in 2014.

And that pretty much sums up the rest of Scotland.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Billy said...

I am voting no to independence, Salmond is denying Scots a future. Can't see why anyone can believe him at all.