Friday, June 14, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond is becoming increasingly delusional and bizarre as he pledges to scrap bedroom tax in first year of independence, reduced to trying to ‘bribe’ working class disadvantaged Scots, SNP plan to allow mass uncontrolled immigration, that is the real danger

Dear All

As a further example, if it was needed, of how the support for Scottish independence has collapsed, Alex Salmond is trying desperately to ‘bribe’ his way to indy.

Salmond has pledged to abolish the so-called bedroom tax within a year if Scots vote for independence.

Given that people don’t trust the First Minster, and given that the SNP has already stated that they want to be tied to the UK welfare system, and given they won’t have different systems, his pledge is worthless.

So, let us be absolutely clear, Salmond will say anything to get the working class vote.

And as far as I am concerned, even if he promised me the Earth, as a working class Glaswegian I would tell him to go fuck himself, I would rather camp in the mud than give this git my vote.

And to further show that Salmond is running a con on working class Scots on benefits, the Scottish Government claim there was "no need" to discuss the plan with the Department for Work and Pensions.

So, you can be under no doubt, this is an SNP trick, will it kick start the disastrous and failed independence campaign?

Not a fucking hope!

Salmond took the opportunity during First Ministers Questions at Holyrood, Mr Salmond has a platform to say independence would "free us" from the bedroom tax.

Everything will be nirvana.

He added:

"Not only will we abolish it, we'll do it in the first year of independence."

Unsurprisingly the promise has been roundly dismissed as "nonsense on stilts" by Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont.

This is an old story with the SNP, foster grudge, grievance and malcontent, offer bribes and then claim it is universal support, which it isn’t.
This type of predatory behavior is rather unprofessional politics, because you know that a pound to a penny, what the government gives with one hand, they take away with the other.

And there is another issue for working class Scots to consider, the SNP plan to allow massive immigration into Scotland thereby creating ghettos and putting more pressure on jobs and housing.
The Scottish independence campaign has given the Labour leader Johann Lamont the opportunity to mock as Salmond and Sturgeon trapped like rats in a barrel are forced to become more and more bizarre.
Ms Lamont said the plans were not credible and challenged Nationalist MSPs to set up an "SNP for independence" breakaway group.

There is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, it is true the bedroom tax is extremely unpopular, it does need to be dealt with; this is not the way.

Independence cannot solve all the problems because the issues are far too complex and let’s get it right, the SNP has no plans.

There isn’t a welfare plan, so Salmond is just trying to dupe unsuspecting Scots for their vote.

Lamont added:

"Independent experts have said it is impossible to get rid of the bedroom tax on day one of independence if you are going to continue with the welfare position. It is nonsense on stilts."

A UK Government spokesman said:

"The Scottish Government's position on welfare is increasingly unclear. Wanting to leave the UK but keep the UK welfare system while operating different policies makes no practical sense. No-one should be in any doubt a decision to leave the UK is exactly that – it would mean walking away from all the UK institutions which currently work for people in Scotland."

As a working class Scot, I say that come the 18th September 2014, I will be voting a firm No, Salmond doesn’t represent me or people like me.

This attempt to kickstart indy support is risible.

The ‘jolly fat man’ routine of ‘trust me I am your pal’ won’t wash with people on benefits, we have already seen how Salmond and Sturgeon are prepared to let working class Scottish women die of cancer because he won’t fund their treatment.

Does he seriously expect after pulling that stunt that we believe that he has suddenly gone all moral and compassionate about people paying the bedroom tax?

Completely lacking in credibility, and as Donald Trump at the other end of the financial scale from me aptly put it, Salmond is “dishonest”, “untrustworthy” and “lacking in integrity”.

The Scottish National Party doesn’t give a shit about working class people, case in point; I gave a case to an SNP MSP in Glasgow, of elderly woman, heart and lung problems. I put the documents directly into her hand, all in order and fully documented.

After a month, the woman hadn’t been contacted, so I brought it up again.

I will fast forward to end, the Glasgow SNP MSP didn’t nothing, didn’t even acknowledge this case or contact the elderly woman.

This bedroom tax announcement is simply a scam, the SNP haven’t talked it over with the DWP because it requires their approval, they haven’t given it, costs haven’t been worked out, and no plan exists.

Hot air!

Alex Salmond is increasingly becoming a serious embarrassment to the Scottish independence campaign.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I can't recall any support for private rented tenants when they had their benefit for a spare room withdrawn four years ago. Promises of everything for everone. Makes me feel nauseous.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

You are quite right, the Scottish National Party never bothered when people in private housing got stuck for the extra.

At Westminster, the SNP are generally silent unless acting in their own interest, pretty much it is fuck the workers. If anyone is in need of a begging bowl it is Salmond, politically hungry, scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

You can smell the fear, it is a campaign gone bad. Where are the people's champions so much heralded by the SNP?

Nowhere, it is a miserable little pathetic clique with no vision.

Pathetic stuff by Salmond to cover up the epic welfare flop by Sturgeon's handpicked group. Last night saw a desperate Angus Robertson looking like a condemned man resigned to his fate, his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Scotland 18th September 2014 is the political death of Alex Salmond.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Bob said...

The bedroom tax is £60m. Chickenfeed with the £8Bn we will get annually post independence from oil revenue. Not sure why you're making such a mountain out of a molehill George. Weak stuff mate. The tax will be effectively scrapped. Just some more shuffling of paper to do.
Can't believe you're listening to Lamont. Sad.
Not paying our share for Trident / overseas wars/ HS2 etc would make savings that would dwarf the £60m bedroom tax as well.
Keep living under control from London Tories if you like. Not for me thanks.

Hamish said...

Dislike of some senior SNP politicians should not blind anyone to the substantial progress made by successive SNP governments at Holyrood. The taunt of Tartan Tories is now hollow. It is ridiculous for a middle-class blogger to pretend to be against the 'bedroom tax' while rubbishing the SNP intention to abolish it.
Maybe middle-class George Laird does not benefit from free prescriptions and no tuition fees, but the SNP government delivered these.