Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gordon Matheson shows Police Scotland a clean pair of heels as investigation into George Square role dropped, no Team Sturgeon ‘revenge’ celebrations for Nicola Sturgeon, Operation ‘get the gay guy’ suffers major political setback as Matheson slaps down ‘the bitches’ again

Dear All

The Scottish National Party in Glasgow has suffered a major setback in their campaign to ‘get the gay guy’.

In 2012, Team Sturgeon led by Sturgeon’s crony in the Chambers Allison Hunter had an opportunity to win Glasgow. The Labour Party was dogged by scandal, some Labour councilors were seen as ineffectual, cronyism was rife; it was an open goal.

Up pops SNP ‘Leader’ Allison Hunter as the striker, she just had to tap the ball in, but in reality she looked more like an escaped refugee from an old Folks home.

It was terribly to see someone so obviously out of her depth, lacking brains, vision and even a basic plan to win the City of Glasgow.

In interviews, she flopped, in TV interviews she flopped, and in hustings, she looked like a dejected bag lady who had wandered out of the cold. Sunny Govan Radio Hustings, she failed to shine in a room of non entities, even her attempt to win the sympathy vote failed miserably.

On the day of the result Nicola Sturgeon went to the SECC thinking or probably more likely hoping there would be an SNP bounce. As she passed me leaving before the end result, the look on her face said it all, no Team Sturgeon power base. She did get some of her cronies in, but she didn’t win the City, the jewel in the Labour Empire remains.

In Govan, developed as an SNP heartland, three Sturgeon cronies stood, Hunter, Mackie and Mohammed, none of them lived in the ward or bothered to work in the Ward doing activism, but they are all close to Nicola Sturgeon.

Since Matheson handed Team Sturgeon their ass, the SNP has wanted their revenge on Matheson, biding their time, they thought their chance had come over the George Square redesign debacle as allegations of mis-conduct and Police investigation loomed.

Rather than dancing the ‘victory dance’, Team Sturgeon is now crying into their big pillow as the police investigation into allegations of mis-conduct by the Labour leader of Glasgow City Council during the £100,000 contest to redesign George Square have been dropped.

Operation ‘get the gay guy’ has turned into Operation ‘bend over’ for the SNP, they thought that Matheson was going to get shafted, but instead, the SNP are grabbing their ankles, as Matheson lives to fight another day.

Gordon Matheson's role in the process was to be probed by the Major Crimes and Public Protection division following a complaint from a concerned citizen.

However, it was decided by the Police there was no evidence of any criminality.

Police Scotland has confirmed it had sent an "information report" to the procurator-fiscal but added no further investigation would take place.

A spokeswoman said:

"It will be one for the public standards commissioner."

And as Matheson has been cleared, the pressure is off.

Sources close to Mr Matheson have dismissed the complaint as politically motivated and continued to insist he would be cleared of any wrongdoing.

A spokesman for the council leader said:

"We've always maintained this process was carried out properly and no-one attempted to inappropriately influence the decision of the competition judges. Gordon has always been confident any investigation would find in his favour. There was no public support for a radical redesign of George Square."

Apathy is a real problem in Glasgow.

The lack of talent in Glasgow SNP remains a problem, Sturgeon seems to like sycophantic drones round her in order to keep her position secure. There is no way that a non Glaswegian SNP Councilor can win Glasgow Council, the high water mark of SNP success has come and gone.

It’s downhill all the way now.

Gordon ‘free dinners’ Matheson has escaped the clutches of Team Sturgeon’s ‘revenge’, maybe the vile nasty SNP clique should realise that fighting with a gay guy who beat Sturgeon, fair and square is terribly unsightly, Glaswegians aren't very tolerant of people being drama queens but enough is enough.

In the movie Kick Ass 2, there is a line:

‘Talk like a bitch, get slapped like a bitch’.

Gordon Matheson has slapped Team Sturgeon bitches into their place again ……. oh the shame.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Can you provide any specific examples of "Get the gay guy" or is this one of your usual assertions? Seem to recall the SNP stating that it was an entirely personal matter.

Remember, of course, this is a man who you used to regularly call "Glasgow's councillor of shame." However, your barefaced hypocrisy has known no bounds since your ego was so irreparably damaged during selection proceedings for the council elections- so this it is unsurprising that you should perform yet another laughable u-turn.

Anonymous said...

Major crime?
The SNP mob should be doing some real work for their areas instead of continually pointng fingers at opponents. Unfortunately, it's about their limit. They really are incapable.
Hendry will be getting a scolding from Mama Hunter.