Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tory councillor, Bob Frost suspended after calling rioters 'jungle bunnies' on Facebook, he is also a secondary school teacher!

Dear All

No one with any sense likes Tories, come to Scotland and they are like the dinosaurs, politically dead and ancient history with a minor interest generated by some.

In sunny England, a Tory councillor has been suspended after he made racist remarks about rioters.

Bob Frost is also a secondary school maths teacher; he went on Facebook and described those involved in disturbances last week as 'jungle bunnies'.

I initially thought he was an old Tory pensioner type but it turns out he is only 49 years old.

Frost represents the Conservative Party having been elected to Dover District Council.

He has since removed the remark was removed from his Facebook page after he received a phone call from another Conservative party member.

Why he thought publicly saying this was okay beggars belief and shows remarkably poor judgement on both the Tories for selecting him and his own personal judgement.

Mr Frost teaches at Sir Roger Manwood’s Grammar School in Sandwich and describes himself as a 'right-wing libertarian'.

On Facebook, he further said:

“I have just had a phone call that accused me of racism for my above posting. Looking at the dictionary it would appear that the term jungle bunnies is perjorative [sic] and is a racist slur relating to African-Americans. Needless to say I did not mean to use any offensive racist term and was referring to the urban jungle.”

I find his excuse pretty weak.

And digging a bigger hole, the councillor, who represents north Deal, added:

“As for the bunny bit it was originally animals but I thought people might object to me calling fellow humans this so I chose something I thought was innocuous and also cuddly.”

Unsurprisingly the councillor has been suspended from the party and an investigation into the comments has been launched before a panel decides what action to take.

Mr Frost said:

“What I said was wrong and I apologise unreservedly. I am mortified by the offence that I have caused and have deleted these comments. I am very sorry.”

Fellow Councillor Sue Chandler, deputy leader of Dover District Council Conservative Group said:

“There is no place in our society for this kind of language. We have therefore suspended Cllr Frost from the Conservative Group pending investigation.”
Another senior Tory colleague, who declined to be named, described Mr Frost as an 'idiot'.

Frost is no stranger to controversy and has in the past made comments about single mothers in Dover town centre.

On that score, his gem of wisdom was:

“Well, being in the Market Square you might ask how all the single mothers congregating with their push-chaired spawn are able to afford both their beer and their tattoos. I have a horrible idea I am paying for both.”

Tories stigmatising people isn’t nothing new, but Frost has done himself no favours this time and maybe reported to the standards Commissioner on whether he is fit to hold public office.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

he was right they looked like the where in a jungle shower of useless
theiving robing bastards fuck the lot of them not one bit of respect was showen to the decent people of london give them more time in prison

Anonymous said...

All you can accuse Mr. Frost of is lack of diplomacy. He seems not to be the typical smoothtalking Tory, but rather your typical next door neighbour. I thought his description of the rioters was rather giving a good visual for the frenzy.

Anonymous said...

Here is one of his comments on a sailing forum;

"I've just had an e-mail from our excellent Mayor of London asking me for my views on re-cycling.

I've replied that I have read many articles on people from the 'third world' making a living by scouring rubbish dumps for useful items.

Since many of our vibrant and multi-cultural society (which I celebrate) are made up of the same persons, surely there is a work opportunity here rather than relying on state hand-outs??"

His avatar is a blacked up minstrel singer;