Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Labour Peer George Foulkes says Al Megrahi should be returned to Scotland for a health review and prison as second anniversary of release looms

Dear All

Labour peer George Foulkes revels in causing trouble and stupid gestures, his sue of FOI as an MSP was a disgrace and waste of resources.

His latest pronouncement is regarding Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, he wants the man convicted over Lockerbie to be returned to a Scottish jail.

His reason is so Mgrahi can undergo a health review.

The timing of his announcement is all to do with the coming of the second anniversary on Saturday of his release.

And he was released on the basis that he had 3 months to live.

Its 24 months and he still lives as seen by his appearance at a rally for Colonel Gaddafi in Libya.

At present there is civil war in Libya; the whole country is being destroyed internally assisted by the West via bombing.

The rebels can’t win the advantage and there is no sign of Gaddafi standing down.

If he did, he would be ‘tried’ and hanged along with his sons and several others the rebels would take a fancy too.

Depending on who grabs in first, he might not make the gallows, as the rebels are a rabble, so AK 47 semi automatic justice may be the order of the day.

Full mag, 7.62 mm, 3 round bursts, rear sight, foresight, target and fire.

Is there any likelihood of Foukles getting Megrahi back?

I would say no, not to Scotland, the logistics makes this impractical; he could end up in the hands of the Americans, if the new regime recognised by the West wants to score brownie points.

And if the Americans get their hands on him, well we have all seen and heard about Gitmo.

Foulkes said:

“He should be extradited back to the UK and put in custody in a Scottish jail and a health review undertaken on whether he should be kept in some kind of secure place. There needs to be a proper examination of his medical condition.”

And I can’t see the American listening to George Foukles.

Lets be frank, he is a bam!

The 63-year-old Libyan is the only person to have been convicted of Britain’s worst terrorist atrocity, however it should be noted that another Libyan jointly charged was released.

And then there is the concern that evidence was tampered with and witnesses paid.

Megrahi denies he was responsible for the bombing that claimed the lives of 270 people when Pan Am Flight 103 was blown up over Lockerbie in December 1988.

The Labour Party loved Megrahi as an issue but have selective memory, they were quite happy to see him transferred by the prisoner transfer agreement.

It was a deal for oil which BP was present the Labour Government.

Justice took second place to trade.

The Labour Government sold him like a piece of meat, by unfortunately the SNP Government wouldn’t play ball with them.

Megrahi wasn’t going anywhere under prisoner transfer.

I wrote to Kenny MacAskill in June 2009 asking he be freed so that he had every opportunity for his appeal, it was a surprise that the appeal was dropped and he was allowed to step off Scottish soil for Libya.

Thomas Docherty, the Labour MP for Dunfermline and West Fife, chipped in by saying that Kenny MacAskill had made a “terrible mistake” in releasing Megrahi.

But he went on what he was told by medical professionals.

Docherty said:

“It was a hugely embarrassing decision, which damaged Scotland’s standing with America, and if the Americans wish to bring fresh charges, they’re entitled to do so.”

If Libya falls, then in theory Megrahi is still under the protection of the Scottish legal system, he may decide to come back to Scotland although such a scenario is unlikely.

In the event he does whether we like it or not, we are obliged to take him back.

If the rebels get him, he would probably be shot by an AK 47, if US Special Forces get him, he might get shot by an M4 assault rifle.

7.62 mm or 5.56mm, it is not much of a choice, especially on semi automatic for a better grouping on target.

A newspaper survey showed strong support among Scots for Megrahi to be returned to prison either in Scotland (35%) or in Libya (31%), with 24% saying he should remain free.

No matter what the controversy surrounding him and Lockerbie will continue, I favoured the appeal because it would have done so much to clarify things once and for all.

Unfortunately, many people such as me were disappointed because it left hanging questions surrounding the nature and credibility of the Scottish Justice System.

Questions that somewhere down the line someone is going to have to answer if this country is going to be persuaded to go independent.
Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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george foulkes tell that prick to take the gobstoppers out of his mouth when he is talking he never said a lot when he was being released so shut it you bampot