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PM David Cameron recalls Parliament over riots sweeping England, extra Police drafted to restore order, Britain’s corrupt elite get wake up call

Dear All

A while ago, I made a statement about corrupt Britain which I repeated in several posts.

‘When people have no future there is no tomorrow’.


And I continue the theme


It is a theme I have been writing about on the net and in my blog for some time.

I said yesterday that we were watching a significant event in Britain and as events unfolded later on that night, George Laird was right again.

There were many incidents which were truly awful, the woman burned out of her flat as the entire building went up, the House of Reeves, a family business opened in 1867 run by the same family for 5 generations burning to the ground, the footage by Sky Reporter Mark Stone captured on his iphone.

But before I go further on with this post, the people who did the rioting are responsible for their actions and it was wrong.

It is easy to understand the mentality beyond the theft and destruction committed by the mob.

Both the Tories and the Labour Party over decades have made Britain such an unfair society for those at the bottom, their hope and aspiration doesn’t exist anymore.

It has been destroyed at many levels, so the rioters in part seeing that the Government was addressing their problems of inequality decided to enact their own solution.

They decided to destroy as much as possible to bring people down to their level.

I managed to catch clips of Labour MP Diane Abbott talking about how people were destroying their own community.

She is wrong, these people aren’t part of the community, they are the poor, disenfranchised, socially and economically handicapped, they walk about various areas like Hackney and see people sitting in cafes and bars enjoying the good life and all they can do is stare in the window.

They have no money, no prospects and real anger.

It doesn’t excuse what happened over several nights.

For a short time, the leader of her majesty’s opposition was the ringleader who organised the riots.

And it was planned, directed and co-ordinated, the scale and locations, targets selected had similarities in different locations, electrical retailers, bike shops, sports shops, chemists, supermarkets and phone shops.

I would also say that the arson was planned to take out buildings and cars to tied up the emergency services while bands of streets gangs remaining mobile roamed the streets.

The Police was outmanoeuvred, outsmarted and didn’t have the resources, community cops and traffic police were drafted into riot areas with no training or equipment to hold perimeters.

One of the things which I also blogged on in the past is the Scottish National Police Force stating that there needed to be a massive expansion of the special constables section.

My reasoning was that it was important that the ordinary people were connected more to the police than currently happens within their communities.

As much as I favour a national service in Scotland, I recognise that there has to be a degree of localism; special constables would address that problem.

And we shouldn’t be afraid to recruit from those sections of society who have been disenfranchised.

Now, after days of rioting, David Cameron and Boris Johnson have decided to come back and do their jobs.

While London burned, they took a back seat and enjoyed their holidays but the political heat was rising.

Hence, they came back.

Things are so bad that Parliament is being recalled on Thursday in response to rioting in England.

The government's emergency committee Cobra met on Today after rioting spread across London, with violence flaring in other major cities such as Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool.

Cameron said:

"We will do everything necessary to restore order to Britain's streets and make them safe for the law-abiding."

More than 16,000 officers will be on London streets on Wednesday, and all police leave is cancelled as well as football games within the capital.

At least 450 people have been arrested so far, Mr Cameron said.

He told rioters, "you will feel the full force of the law", and said people should "stand together in condemnation of these crimes".

He is of course right, but in the aftermath; there will be a telephone book of questions ranging from police response to calls for help unanswered to the Mark Duggan shooting by the Met Police.

At present in London there has been a wave of "copycat criminal activity" over the past three days.

We have seen how the results of cuts to the police budgets have affected their ability to perform.

And I expect Cameron to say the Police have done a wonderful job.

And at the same time he and his government are screwing them behind the scenes over their pay, pensions and conditions.

Acting Commissioner Tim Godwin ruled out bringing in the Army to help police tackle the violence, but said:

"We will be out there in ever greater numbers tonight."

The Army shouldn’t have been ruled out, they could have been used to protect fire crews and guard static locations cutting down opportunities for the rioters and looters.

Godwin doesn’t have the ability to be Metropolitan Commissioner; this is a civil emergency, not a time for false pride.

And how did this all start, a peaceful protest in Tottenham on Saturday over the death of Mark Duggan, 29, was quickly followed by violence which has spread into this week.

As I say when people have no future there is no tomorrow but there will be plenty of time to point the finger in the aftermath.

Yes, we can point at the rioters and looters but we should also point the finger at the political class, who don’t represent the people any more.

We live in a corrupt country; we have seen it with the MPs expenses, lack of social opportunities for the poor, denial of rights and other measures that have fuelled social unrest.

Politicians will try to solely fix the blame for the breakdown of society on the rioters and looters but who allowed a feral culture and underclass to develop?

The political and social elite of Britain!

Their Britain isn’t the Britain of the poor, disenfranchised and socially and economically disadvantaged.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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