Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hacking claims at Trinity Mirror to end up in the High Court in London, is the can of worms of corrupt Britain unravelling out of control?

Dear All

News International has been rocked by the phone hacking scandal; this led to the News of the World closing after 168 years in operation.

If you had given a guy a flamethrower he would have done less damage, everything there is tainted right up the tree to the top.

The Murdoch family didn’t get an easy ride in the House of Commons Committee and their troubles aren’t over yet.

The practice of phone hacking has been around for years, the main ‘revenue’ was listening into celebrities to fill the newspapers for the most part with gossip.

The Police sat back and did nothing.

But then the Police have a habit of sitting back and doing nothing when it involves the powerful against the weak.

Now, it is Trinity Mirror, who is in the spotlight, they publish the Sunday Mirror.

They are facing legal action over phone hacking claims.

And Mark Lewis, the lawyer representing several people who have taken on the News of the World, said there are about three or four civil cases “which will start within the next few weeks” at the High Court in London.

There is about to be a problem, a major problem, the trouble that the Police swept under the carpet shows how institutional corrupt they are.

Far from being the protectors of the public, they have shown themselves in a different light.

Protectors of the rich and powerful, not servants of the people!

It highlights a theme of this blog that social interconnected networks across Britain have a common thread running through them.

Protecting a powerful social and elite political class!

Occasionally, we see one thrown to the dogs to give the illusion of justice.

But it is just that an illusion.

Paul Marsden is a former Lib Dem MP, who has claimed his phone was hacked in 2003.

He says the result of that were Sunday Mirror stories which cited details of his alleged affairs.

Mr Marsden said:

“Over ... 18 months we have put together evidence which brings the only reasonable conclusion now that my phone was indeed hacked. That evidence comes from witnesses who can verify it. It also comes from the phone records.”

A spokesman for Trinity Mirror said:

“We have had one letter from Paul Marsden’s lawyer. That was as long ago as last October. Despite numerous requests from our lawyers for him to substantiate his claims, Mr Marsden has failed to produce a shred of evidence to back up his unfounded allegations.


“Our position is clear: all our journalists work within the criminal law and the Press Complaints Commission code of conduct.”

What is interesting is the statement refers to current journalists and not previous ones connected with the paper.

And as we have seen at News International, there was a culture.

At present, we have an unholy alliance of press, police and politicians; they each rely to a certain extent on each other.

Politicians need press to get elected.

Press need politicians to given them stories.

Police need politicians to fund their organisations.

And they all socialise together.

Meanwhile down the road, pressure has grown on politicians to unveil their dealings with media organisations both north and south of the border.

News International has had a rough time so far but managed to slow down the damage they have suffered but they still have problems.

Trinity Mirror is now in the firing line, they have to dodge four cases in the High Court in London, whether they do so will depend on the evidence, questions have to be asked.

And we will all expect credible answers given.

At present the UK Government has appointed an inquiry, but what is not surprising is that it is filled up with place men and women; including Shami Chakrabarti, the establishment recognised unofficial voice of protest of the masses.

An unelected position.

I see this as classic examples of containment exercise otherwise these people won’t have been picked.

It seems that ordinary people will have to rely on the Courts for justice, problem is the poor are effective banned from accessing justice on the grounds of cost.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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its a big free for all hack everboadys phone nothing will happen we are above the law that how thess reporters think they are a shower of low life bastards