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Glasgow University product Johann Lamont touted as Labour’s ‘caretaker’ leader, I wouldn't let her run a block of flats never mind a whole country

Dear All


Between the ears, these are the voyages of the Starship Labour, its mission, to find a policy and a new leader.

It’s a fact that the ‘Scottish’ Labour Party is in a pickle, you could say that there is a startling lack of talent in their Holyrood ranks.

Iain Gray, the ‘East Coast Weasel’ who was done to death during the Scottish election promptly pulled out his rubber sword and fell on it.

Annabel Goldie and Tavish Scott pulled out their rubber ones as well.

The price of failure!

Scott paid the price for London Lib Dem’s sell out of the people.

And Goldie was lacking as a leader, however she could chip in a few points at FMQs but no one saw her as a serious contender.

In Scotland, it’s a two horse race between the SNP and Labour.

Minor parties such as Green, SSP and Solidarity all suffer from an image problem, a policy problem and a personnel problem.

And there isn’t the brains to fix that or acceptance that the problem exists.

Brains in provincial Scotland are short on the ground it seems.

So, who will lead ‘Scottish’ Labour?

Well, they have a few problems, lack of talent, lack of vision, lack of ideas and poor MSP material.

Even in their little MSP pond, you could count on one hand, those who seen as able or credible to give the Leader’s position a blast.

Scottish Labour needs their Scottish leader to be an MSP.

They don’t have a choice, their leader must be able to attend FMQs and speak at Holyrood.

At present there is a review conducted by Jim Murphy and Sarah Boyack to try and pull Labour back from their disastrous Holyrood result.

The talk is that the best way forward is for them to have a caretaker leader such as Johann Lamont.

She is a former Glasgow University product but isn’t regarded as a heavy weight despite being deputy leader.

Going down the road of opting for a caretaker leader is probably a decent move because Labour is faced with one choice out of the MSP group.
Ken Macintosh.

But Macintosh isn’t a natural choice; he is the best of an extremely small pool.

His main rival; is Jackie Baillie but she is said not to be interested.

The next Holyrood election is light years away but Labour need to make a decision soon.

Because Labour has to be able to produce policies, real crafted policies and not the tripe they showed at Holyrood 2011.

Their knife policy was a complete disaster and showed up various MSPs, their big hitters as incompetents on national television.

So runners and riders!

Ken MacIntosh is at 5/4 but he is a desert for ideas and lacks that leader of men quality.

Richard Baker is at 9/1, a complete halfwit.

John Park 10/1, led Labour campaign to the worst utter defeat in their history

Johann Lamont, 12/1, she isn’t very good, exception poor, not one of life’s natural thinkers

Malcolm Chisholm sits at 16/1, an independent voice in the flock of sheep.

Hugh Henry 25/1, he is on his way out

There is a lot of talk about ‘Scottish’ Labour wrapping themselves in the Scottish flag to prove their loyalty to the people!

Gimmicks don’t work.

Labour lost the Holyrood election because they weren’t credible as a governing party.

Four years of non work showed through.

And then there is the ‘can work, won’t work’ brigade of Labour elected politicians in Scotland who think they have the ‘Devine right of Kings’ to rule their fiefdoms.

Scotland has turned into a crony ridden pit because of this.

Iain Gray isn’t solely responsible for losing the Holyrood election in 2011, but he helped.

He wasn’t seen as credible because he had nothing to show how Labour had made a positive contribution to Holyrood.

Politicians of all political parties like to like put forward an image of how super slick and professional they are.

Having sat and listened to some politicians, I know that the image doesn’t match the reality.

To a certain extent, they are just grubby and not worth supporting.

Labour needs Johann Lamont as the caretaker leader to lead Labour into the council elections and possible defeat.

She is a human sandbag, to take the hits of what might be another bad election, its all about gaining time.

Time to develop new policies to reconnect with the public, so far nothing is happening.

So, Murphy and Boyack will tinker with the structure, but its window dressing because new policies mean root and branch reform again once a new leader is in place.

Holyrood is full of Labour Party cannon fodder.

And cannon fodder does not win elections.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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