Monday, August 15, 2011

David Cameron says fixing broken society tops agenda, why is he allowing an innocent woman and her 8 year old daughter to be evicted from their home?

Dear All

Enough of the funnies for now, let us turn to something serious.

Charity worker Maite de la Calva’s son was arrested during the rioting and looting in London.

He has been caught and will face the consequences for his actions in a court of law if found guilty. His mother says he is innocent of all charges against him.

All fine and good that the rule of law and due process is being followed!

But what isn’t fine and good and is quite despicable is that Maite de la Calva and her family face being evicted from her council home because of her teenage son’s arrest.

This isn’t just by any means, but who is going to speak up for the rights of Maite de la Calva?

Sadly, very few people are coming to her aid as a victim of the riots.

She is an innocent person playing by the rules and this is how society in the form of Wandsworth Council treats her.

And the point needs to be driven home and shouted from the rooftops, she is a Charity worker who volunteers to help families affected by domestic violence.

We as a country now face a situation not of her doing which sees innocent people punished without due process of any kind.

A line needs to be drawn in the sand, this is a human rights issue; her rights as far as Wandsworth Council are concerned don’t exist.

This is a key grievance, of the disenfranchised that rioted last week to such devastating effect up and down the country.

As well as Maite de la Calva, we should also note that her eight-year-old daughter Revecca is also being penalised.

Spanish-born Ms de la Calva makes an important point when she said:

“We, as parents, are not responsible for the decisions our children make. I am the householder and it is my name – not my son’s – on the tenancy agreement”.

The Council has no case against her personally, this is abuse of power.

Ms de la Calva added:

“I have lived here for five years and I get assistance with paying the rent because I am working part-time and my daughter is so young. But they may even stop my benefits. I have paid my taxes like everyone else. I am trying as hard as I can. My job is to get vulnerable people back to education and back to work. When I am not working, I am in the community helping other families and parents who have domestic violence backgrounds. I taught my children right from wrong and we practise our faith”.

Is this the ‘Big Society’ that David Cameron wants us all to sign up too?
His visions of a ‘New British Order’ were human rights are seen as privileges bestow by a political and socially affluent elite.

I think not.

We as I continually blog on live in a corrupt society which runs from the very top downwards.

Politicians no longer represent the people they were elected to serve beyond a certain point.

They have created a culture of division by enacting laws that shuts out large sections of society from having a future, opportunities or prospects.

This has created the feral underclass that has risen up in vast numbers.

Ms de la Calva in my opinion has a solid human rights case against the council, her son is not the tenant, he signed no agreements and due to his age, it is doubtful any contract which required him to sign would be legal.

A contract must be fair to both parties.

The letter from Wandsworth Council, signed by deputy housing manager Tom Crawley to Ms de la Calva, says Daniel’s alleged behaviour may mean the family have breached their tenancy conditions under the Housing Act 1985.

I would strongly disagree that he was part of any contract between Wandsworth Council and him.

The letter also points out that the family is £1,806.09 in arrears with their rent.

This isn’t a justification and as we know, information collected for one purpose under the Data Protection Act 1998 cannot be used for another.

Deputy housing manager Tom Crawley had no right to include this in his letter, he is trampling on her rights which he believes he can do with impunity.

Wandsworth Labour councillor Tony Belton is supporting the family. He said last night:

“I am utterly opposed to the council’s decision to evict her and I will speak out against it. I am prepared to go to the courts and defend her position.”

Ms de la Calva is as much as victim of the riots as anyone else, nothing justifies this type of behaviour from the Council, but her situation encapsulates the problem with Britain that the people at the bottom know only too well.

They don’t get treated the same as rich people; they are treated like an underclass.

We will see more riots in England.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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