Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scottish Tories set out poll timetable for a new leader, Murdo Fraser may take on Jackson Carlaw and Carpetbagger Ruth Davidson

Dear All

The Scottish Conservative Party didn’t do well at the Holyrood election, but they are no doubt grateful they didn’t suffer as much as the Lib Dems.

Lib Dems seen their support literally die and fade away.

Not the fault of the Scottish Party or Tavish Scott, they paid the price for Nick Clegg’s betrayal.

Scott prompted fell on his rubber sword and resigned.

Annabel Goldie had a good election, we ll good in Tories terms, she was still humped at the ballot box, never made any real breakthrough, 15 MSPs.

And most of them are elderly.

Tories are despised in Scotland.

Anyway, Annabel Goldie lost; she like Tavish Scott took the ceremonial rubber sword and fell on it, then got up, dusted off and prepared to sit up the back when a new leader is appointed.

So, who are those who seek her crown?

Three names are in the frame – deputy leader, Murdo Fraser, West of Scotland MSP, Jackson Carlaw and Glasgow newcomer, Ruth Davidson.

The only choice that is credible is Murdo Fraser.

Both Carlaw and Davidson aren’t leaders of men, let alone a country.

The winner of the contest will be named on 4th November.

Transport spokesman Mr Carlaw, 52, has already thrown his hat into the ring early but will be able to have enough gas in the tank to get over the finish line.

He has published a paper on how he thinks the Scottish Parliament can be improved.

It would be smarter to concentrate on how to improve the Tories to connect with the electorate, that’s their problem.

The joke candidate remains Ruth Davidson, a Glasgow list MSP who lives in Edinburgh.

That will really connect with the people.

Who ever wins needs to understand that Tory policies need to be tailored to suit the people, if you can’t connect you can get votes.

If people look at this straight, then Murdo Fraser is the only option, but he has to change his rhetoric and Tory policies.

But given even Tory candidates see Scottish Tories as a ‘nest of vipers’, they are destine to remain a party of protest not relevant to the people of Scotland.
Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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