Friday, August 5, 2011

Tommy Sheridan perjury conviction appeal rejected by Appeal Judges as "not arguable", the last gasp attempt fails completely, nice try no cigar

Dear All

Tommy Sheridan despite being in jail is a politician, after he comes out of jail, he will go back into politics.

And we can expect to see him stand for election again.

He was found guilty of perjury but given the nature of it; the public will probably forgive and forget.

After all; the ordinary person would probably take the view that his shagging about and wanting to keep it quiet from his family was a lapse in judgement.


Unfortunately for him, this jail sentence has been an incredibly damaging experience to him and his party called Solidarity.

As Scotland’s Nelson Mandela, it isn’t hard to write the narrative of what will come after he gets out, he was a political prisoner, he was fighting the establishment and he is a victim of the Murdoch Empire.

And he can point the finger at them and say, ‘see told you they were bastards’.

So, Tommy Sheridan not happy about being convicted and has gone the road of appeal, after all, what else has he to do with his time while slammed up.

And it plays into the narrative of him being cast as a victim.

But the truth is the case against Tommy Sheridan is as Lady Paton, Lord Hardie and Lord Emslie said "not arguable".

Not a leg to stand on, absolutely no chance no how now way completely f*cked done up at the ass with a dick the size of an elephant buggered.

This is a non legal opinion.

The short version of above is, ‘are you f*cking kidding me!

How Sheridan and his sidekick race lawyer Aamer Anwar can keep a straight face trying to sell this shit in a court we can only speculate.

I mean, they can’t honest believe this crap they are shoving.

They have set up their stall before Lady Paton, Lord Hardie and Lord Emslie selling shit that stinks to high heaven and trying to pass it off as edible.

Tommy Sheridan is rightly not be given leave to appeal his perjury conviction.

Sheridan has to put this behind him and move on, he can still do the political prisoner of conscience routine and some people might buy into that but in my opinion he has to shelve the martyr act.

Put a brave face on, smile and try to rebuild his party.

Solidarity is too badly damaged; he needs to rebrand it, its policies and appeal.

Solidarity cannot challenge anyone for power; they have a credibility gap between them and the public.

I look at them and ask myself, do they really want political power?

Politics is a professional business, you have to treat it as such; them who grasp that do well such as Labour and the SNP.

But anyone can be beaten at the ballot box, just look at Labour, in the Holyrood election they got hammered.

Sheridan needs wise up, there is a gap in the market but does he have the ability to recognise it?

If he wants to return to Holyrood then he needs more than a boiler suit, woolly hat and a donkey jacket mentality.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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