Friday, June 10, 2011

UK Minister Chris Huhne could face trial over speeding row as police send papers to CPS, his career is hanging by a thread, if convicted, prison!

Dear All

Chris Huhne is in real trouble after pressure mounted last night after it emerged that police investigating claims he dodged speeding points have sent initial papers to prosecutors.

Essex Police sent the information to the Crown Prosecution Service after receiving advice on the case last week.

And the advice must be, this is worth a pop at!

This development means that a decision on whether the Energy Secretary could face trial is likely by the end of the month.

The story of this in the public domain is that Chris Huhne allegedly tried to persuaded his then wife Vicky Price to take his points for speeding

If true then perverting the course of justice as well as the sentence for the original offence will be hung round his neck.

And perverting the course of justice will probably mean jail.

If this goes ahead, Cameron will have to sack him or ask him to step down from government while any trial takes place.

Last night the CPS said it had received ‘initial papers’ relating to a possible criminal offence.

The entire case centres around claims that the minister asked his then wife, Vicky Pryce, to take speeding points for him.

Chris Huhne denies any wrongdoing.

On the negative side, it was revealed that in May the embattled minister failed to answer detailed questions when interviewed by police over allegations that he got his ex-wife to take his speeding points.

And he is steadfast refusing to answer questions on the subject other than saying he denies any wrongdoing.

What maybe seen as odd is Huhne declined to comment when grilled by detectives about his movements on the night of the alleged offence.

It is understood he exercised his right to remain silent during the taped interrogation at Belgravia police station.

Chris Huhne is undoubtedly a high flyer within the coalition, if he is prosecuted then there will be shockwaves through-out that group.

David Laws has already fallen pretty hard on his false claims but he managed to say out of jail.

Chris Huhne if convicted wouldn’t get the luxury of a community sentence because perverting the course of justice is so serious.

Tommy Sheridan got three years for lying.

This could be the end of his political career, it is that serious.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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Am I bovvered if he goes tae the b?ig Hoose?

Am I fucked!

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The law of the land. Such a malleable changeable misconception. They make it up as they go along to suit their own wee selves. Who are they? We all know who they are.

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