Thursday, June 23, 2011

Real anger as human rights abusing Glasgow University scraps courses, corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli oversees another part of university destroyed

Dear All

It seems the axe is whistling through the air like an unstoppable train or force of nature at human rights abusing Glasgow University led by corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli.

A whole series of courses are to go and with them, the staff whose employment chances of securing work in their speciality is slim.

So, these people will find themselves out on the street, walking the earth and probably having to move house.

Unless, they can find a ‘high frying’ job.

Do you want fries with that?

Glasgow University’s ruling Court or as I see them Muscatelli’s rubber stamp has voted to push through a series of cuts.

The closure of a drug misuse research centre, the end to Slavonic Studies and the scrapping of a stand-alone Liberal Arts programme at its Dumfries campus!

As well as this; nursing continues to have an uncertain future but has been given a stay of execution for a year.

There is a Scotland-wide review of training provision.

In Dace, where I spent many happy times, awake, some evening and weekend courses for adult learners may also be scaled back.

As the retreat continues towards high profit course, ‘the bay’ will also continue its withdrawal from social work courses.

Last night a university spokeswoman said it would be doing “everything possible” to avoid compulsory redundancies.

Is there a raft of cleaning jobs available?

Meanwhile, Strathclyde University in Glasgow also moved closer to a range of cuts in

Dave Anderson, president of the Glasgow University branch of the UCU, said:

“The implications for staff in these areas remain far from clear and we will be watching developments closely. We accept the university has had to contend with a 10% drop in public funding, but cost reductions have already addressed this and there is now no financial reason to cut jobs”.

He added:

“The way the consultations have been handled has had a devastating impact on staff morale and demonstrates clearly the need for academic decisions to be made by academic bodies and not senior managers far removed from research and teaching.”

Of course cutting courses is the line of least resistance, any clown can do that so that the trough that the senior management wallows in can remain topped up.
Could the human rights abusing Glasgow University has struck a deal with a college to transfer departments and save jobs?

I think it could be done, but Anton Muscatelli doesn’t have George Laird radical thinking, recently when the university ‘tuck shop’ went to the wall, he could get a plan to save it.

Perhaps the interest was there or the brains or the vision or the integrity.

The Hetherington Research Club went to the wall and students had to try and save it, they are still finding the good fight, despite being kicked out once in the street by Glasgow University ‘rent-a-mob’ security.

Tommy Gore, president of the Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council, said:

“There are still concerns over adult education, nursing and Slavonic Studies. These subject areas still contribute hugely to the student experience.”

Maybe Tommy can give us provide a solution.

Dr Benjamin Franks, UCU representative and a lecturer in Social and Political Philosophy at Glasgow’s University’s Crichton Campus, said:

“We’ll carry on fighting. Without the Liberal Arts degree, south-west Scotland will be without any arts or humanities programmes. We deserve better.”

From Anton Muscatelli!

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, principal of human rights abusing Glasgow University, said the decisions made at Court meant the university was in a strong position.

He added:

“The difficult decisions that have been addressed, coupled with the work that has been done to turn around our finances, means the future prospects for the continued excellence of the university are extremely promising. We will continue to provide a world-class learning and teaching environment, and look forward to the future development and success of the university with considerable optimism.”

And of course, the ‘bullying and discrimination provision’ has been saved from any unnecessary cuts.

Sandra White, SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, said:

“Just last year Anton Muscatelli spoke of the importance of the programme to the future of the university and its international outlook. I am pleased the university has taken on board some of the concerns previously raised. However, this decision is a serious step backwards.”

A serious step backwards, yes, Anton has got it wrong again.

But when you consider the incestuous nature of Glasgow University promoting its own, what do you expect.

For the last 30 plus years, every principal of human rights abusing Glasgow University has been members of the same private invitation only club, the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Another piece of Glasgow University history destroyed but the Muscatelli legend will live on, possibly on toilet walls within the campus.

You just can’t get the quality anymore at Glasgow University.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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