Thursday, June 9, 2011

Labour MSP Iain Gray bold as brass says Councils 'must now run care homes', Labour having ripped the guts out of councils admit their mistake!

Dear All

Here is a laugh and also an admission of failure.

Labour MSP Iain Gray bold steps up to the mike and says that Councils 'must now run care homes'.

Labour Councils have been busy destroyed local government stands for by outsourcing services everything to Aleos and private companies, now that is a mistake?

Oh how things have changed on the grassy knoll.

The Aleo system for example has an incredible track record.

Unfortunately, the incredible part is how Labour members, families, friends and Labour donors have benefited.

With Southern Cross experiencing financial difficulties, First Minister Alex Salmond has been urged to commit extra funds to ensure councils can step in to take over the running of homes in event of a collapse of the group.

To that end Labour Holyrood leader Iain Gray has asked for an assurance that local authority costs will be underwritten if Southern Cross goes into administration.

He said:

"If these Southern Cross care homes face closure, surely the simplest and best plan would be for local authorities to take over the running of them to ensure that continuity of care. The First Minister could give certainty to concerned residents and relatives right now by committing to that and promising councils the resources to do it. Will he do that?"

Mr Salmond said:

"The certainty and reassurance for relatives is that there will be continuity of care for all people affected by Southern Cross.

"The presumption will be they'll stay in their present care homes. Local authority control of the homes is certainly one option of a range of initiatives that are being considered."

What surprises me is that Iain Gray thinks the Scottish Government wouldn’t be acting and in there straightaway to comply with our duty of care.

Southern Cross recently warned it was in a "critical financial condition" as it announced a £311 million loss in the six months to March 31.

The firm has 98 homes in Scotland where it cares for about 4,700 people.

When you continually strip councils of departments and outsource, there are certain services which are best served by remaining under directly council control.

Maybe the Labour Party should remember that in their quest to outsource everything under the sun.

But then their ‘duty of care’ is geared towards Labour members, families, friends and Labour donors.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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