Thursday, June 9, 2011

Glasgow Labour Council of shame suggests new teachers should get half pay, when they set up Aleos to double their own pay, it stinks!

Dear All

You’re either competent or incompetent.

If you’re competent then you should receive a fair day’s pay for a fair days work.


Glasgow has a Labour Council of shame, with Labour Councillors running a fiefdom from their private club at the City Chambers.

And they think.

More’s the pity for the rest of us.

An idea bouncing around in the minds of Labour Councillors is for probationer teachers to be put on half pay.

Recently Labour Councillors of shame got a shock when John Swinney announced an end to their ‘double pay scheme which operated through the Aleos system.

Now, Union bosses are urging Scotland's largest education authority to clarify its call regarding shafting all probationer teachers with half pay for full time work.

Half pay, no way!

Probationers currently receive £21,400 in their probationer year but nothing in their final year of teacher training.

Glasgow City Council idea has at its dark heart a plan which would see that salary split, with pay of £10,700 in both the last year of study and the first year of teaching.

The EIS say that if the suggestion was adopted, low pay would be an added burden for new teachers who may have student debts and significant problems finding work.

The union's Hugh Donnelly said:

"Any proposal that suggests teachers' wages should be halved in their first two years would obviously be of great concern”.

Who the hell wants to work for two years, probably on a temp contract and then get punted?

And I think we can be fairly certain that after two years elapse the Labour Council of shame would just get a new batch of half pay replacements.

Donnelly added:

"New emerging teachers face a whole number of problems trying to secure full-time jobs and enter the profession already burdened with debt. This would be an added burden for them."

It never ceases to amaze me the depths that Labour Councillors will sink to screw people out a fair day’s pay while they themselves have doubled their own under a patronage system set up by them.
The Scottish Government has commissioned Professor Gerry McCormac of Stirling University to review teachers' pay and conditions and if McCormac accepts this crackpot notion, then it would apply to all probationer teachers in Scotland.

And we can expect after two years people will see their contracts terminated.

Further down the line, this will lead to a teaching crisis as people will not do teacher training courses because who wants to do a four year course to get £10,500 a year for two years?

Last month the BBC obtained a copy of a confidential submission from Cosla, the umbrella body for local authorities which is a Labour stooge.

It proposed shortening teachers' holidays, lifting the cap on their hours and requiring them to undertake further training.

The half pay idea by Glasgow’s Labour Council of shame will not fly, and is divisive, short-termism and crude.

See what happens when only one brain cell inhabits a skull.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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