Monday, June 13, 2011

Ex Labour MSP Des McNulty screams ’Tax rich' to fund universities; sent packing from Holyrood by voters, he is raving and ranting now!

Dear All

Des McNulty is a former MSP who didn’t survive the ‘night of the long knives’ by the public.

In a former existence, he was also a member of the Court at human rights abusing Glasgow University.

Not one of life’s great thinkers.

He has an idea, populist in nature.

Tax the rich!

This is his ‘idea’ to solve the funding problems surrounding Scottish universities; the plan is simple, taxing high earners more.

There are several problems; the Scottish Government don’t have control of taxation.

And there is a Tory/ Lib Dem Coalition in government at Westminster.

McNulty is a former Labour education spokesman who opines that Scotland will need to pay for its world-class universities.

Sitting on the University Court certainly open up his horizons educationally!

He has it all wrong, the solution to the funding crisis and sustainability is a slimmed down university sector, expansion of the college sector and slotting in community colleges run by councils.

McNulty is trying to prop up the status quo, like the Labour Government did with banking, that strategy is falling apart and doomed to failure.

McNulty says that a 1p increase in the higher tax rate in Scotland can raise £68 million.

He maybe right but that will not happen and McNulty also says the measures can be included in the Scotland Bill that will not happen either.

He said:

"Scotland already has the right to vary the basic rate of taxation by up to 3p, albeit in practice this was allowed to lapse. Why not press for the right to increase a higher-rate tax and use it to pay for our universities?"

Does anyone have the courage to tell him, he is plain daft?

I can understand he is upset at losing his seat but he must know this is a load of tosh.

The SNP Government has promised to pay for higher education with public funds but the debate which Holyrood must have is public sector reform and higher education is an out dated model set up for the benefit of universities not students.

By slimming down universities and transferring entire courses and departments, we can keep quality and volume in the system at a better cost per head ratio.

The important thing is that people are taught not where.

All that time spent on the Court of human rights abusing Glasgow University and still clueless!

I wonder if they throw in a free buffet for those attending Court meetings that I could at least understand as a reason for turning up.

This to me is a version of Muscatelli type thinking; pass the buck onto someone else to sort out their problems and inadequacies.

A completely unoriginal train of thought!

Explains why he is out on the street, does he have access to a banjo for busking purposes?

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Laird. You have a very good point. What is a University education anyway? Get some library books etc. College is far better for work throughput and a real understanding of subject matter. University is a sex, booze & drugs jolly. That is all.