Friday, June 24, 2011

Labour prospective candidate Iain McKenzie finds out he can’t cut the mustard, 20 year old Lib Dem Sophie Bridger bitch slaps him to political death

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Nikostratos said...

'IF' The Nationalist win on may 5th has any real meaning(instead of little bump in the long long road of happy Union dominance)
then then the snp should/will win at Inverclyde.

No if nor buts a clear clear win and if they do not then the conclusion must be the Nationalists Referendum will ultimately fail....

My expectation is for the snp to win (my wish is that they be crushed into the dust but we don't always get what we wish for)

If not then the people are saying (to me) we want a boorish loudmouth banging on the table screaming for MORE! at Holyrood and Another loudmouth at Westminster saying 'NO'

a Schizophrenic way to vote to be sure but there you are!

anyway only a few days to go and we will all know.