Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tony Blair says Europe needs an elected President to strut the world stage, by floating this again, he is testing the water for himself, it’s no!

Dear All

‘President’ Tony Blair wants more money; the boy loves the stuff since he has left office he has been like starving man at a free buffet.

To that end, we, the public see him hawking himself as a roving ‘Blair for hire’.

But despite having a name, he still finds he needs a position for credibility purposes, to that end he is angling for the creation of a directly-elected EU president.

Previously his name was banded about but the political elite of the EU decided that he scores null points on their radar.

Ergo, after his last kicking, he has laid low and bided his time, before another assault on the EU.

Tony Blair is America’s poodle and wants to be petted again, so we see him trying to get back with this extraordinary public job application.

The answer is no!

You’re all done.

The former Prime Minister is a nutter but like any crazed lunatic, he wants power so bad, and suggests the new president would be able to strut about the world stage, wielding power and influence beyond the wildest dreams of individual member states.

He would lead to the EU to disaster both politically and financial as we would all be off to the ‘Blair Crusades’ in the Middle East again.

And we all know the result of his previous outings.

Iraq and Afghanistan have been disasters and achieved nothing; valuable people were sacrificed for no good reason.

He has done a lot of damage, real damage beyond measure.

Blair in his pitch to the EU elite says Britain was now too small to have the ‘weight and influence’ of the past on the world stage unless it was ‘part of that European power as well’.

In a sense of irony he says that Europe was held back by a lack of ‘strong, collective leadership’.

Given he would turn over power to the Americans in all but name by following their lead, can we afford him as a sycophantic leader.

In an interview he called for 'a new Marshall Plan' for the East to ensure that democracy emerges following the Arab Spring.

The Marshall plan for those unfamiliar with it was the large-scale American program to aid Europe where the United States sent monetary support to help rebuild European economies in order to combat the spread of communism following the end of World War 2.

But we are not at war.

If at some point we do get a directly elected EU president, he or she would have the largest electoral mandate in the world, with a constituency of some 386million voters.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel previously vetoed Blair's candidacy for EU President, a role that went to Herman Van Rompuy.

The right decision.

We do need a strong EU but we certainly do not need Tony Blair.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Tony Blair should be lifted and shipped to the Hague to answer for war-crimes and crimes against humanity.