Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'Get out of my ward' and 'I'm not having it', Dr. David Nunn reads the riot act after Cameron and Clegg entourage break hygiene rules, big oops!

Dear All

Politicians love doing photo ops because they are usually pre planned and everyone is onboard and its all smiles.

Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy (dawg) Nick Clegg are trying to sell NHS reform so they turned up at St Guy’s Hospital to get clicked.

In general they probably thought it was good photo opportunity.

Oh how wrong they got that one!

They hadn't counted on the actions of a surgeon David Nunn who was sticking to the rules about hygiene despite the special visitors.

He bursting into a room like a whirlwind during the photocall at and firmly showed them and gathered journalists who was the boss.

The incident came on the day that David Cameron announced a U-turn on NHS reforms as he accepted health experts’ demands for changes to Government proposals.

Andrew Lansley who was leading changes has hit the rocks and rip the keel out of his policy.

But everyone in government is acting like that’s no problem.

So, upset, David Nunn bursting and stormed into shot saying he was the 'senior orthopaedic surgeon'.

Just to set the stage.

Then, pointing a finger of destiny, he began objecting to some members of the group not having their sleeves rolled up

And he was right to be angry as journalists' and aides' disregarded the hygiene rules.

David Cameron and his aides rushed to smooth things over with the doctor as he ushered the crew out of the ward before the medic can be heard shouting:

'I'm not having it' from outside the room!


So, next time, everyone will be wiser, not just to the letter but spirit of the rules.

Staging photo ops is important, it sets the mood of a message but everyone in front and behind the camera has to be on message too.

At least on Dr. Nunn’s ward.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

well done doctor that what they need pair of publicty seeking tosers

Anonymous said...

I think Dr Davd Nun is right but the wy he beahved is probably not right, This I feel is bottled anger against the system, which was vented when he got an opportunity This is a coomon trend among senior doctors . Once they are very succesful in their area they tend to behave like this. This si what happend that day . I feel Dr David Nun Nun could have been more polite than just shouting.