Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Labour Shadow Defence Minister Jim Murphy tells senior Labour figures to “shut up” over Ed Miliband, doubters have a point, Labour has no leader!

Dear All

Jim Murphy is Labour’s Shadow Defence Minister but an add on to his job description is defending Ed Miliband from senior Labour figures who are briefing against him.

Murphy says the doubters should “shut up”, what about free speech Jim?

Jim Murphy represents Eastwood as an MP but since Ed Miliband stood in the way of his brother’s destiny there has been increasing signs of disunity in the party.

And that isn’t helped by reports of a feud between Mr Miliband and his brother David over the leadership of the party.

And the relationship between Ed Miliband and his shadow chancellor Ed Balls isn’t a lovefest, Balls wants to be leader.

Which shows how deluded Balls is!

So, Labour has a problem, Ed Miliband has failed to shine, he is poor, he has no vision and is coming up with no policies of note.

He despite being made leader hasn’t even developed a proper role.

A YouGov poll shows more than half of Labour voters do not know what Mr Miliband stands for.

41% say that electing him had been the wrong decision.

The 41% were right.

Writing on the LabourList website, Jim Murphy said all Labour members want to see the party doing “better than we are”.

The same thing could be said of all political parties, everyone wants to be loved.

Murphy then said:

“My advice to everyone involved in this week’s briefing and counter-briefing is just shut up and get on with your job. Clearly Ed has become the focus of a lot of this. People should get off his back. Last year’s leadership election has gone – it’s in the past. Even more so the Blair/Brown era – it is now being taught in the school curriculum as modern political history”.


“And we won’t win next time by trashing what Tony in particular did last time. We win next time by exposing the damage this Tory Government is doing to Britain and showing, as Ed has rightly argued, that we must protect the British promise to ensure the next generation does better than the last.”

Murphy singly fails to grasp as much as it is okay to be a complainer, you have to also be a problem solver too.

Meanwhile future leader, David Miliband has called for the party to unite behind his brother and dismissed reports that he was hoping for him to fail, as a “soap opera”.
David says he has moved on since the election but the look on his face when he got panned and comments after so that movement couldn’t have been too far.

Does the Labour Party stand a chance with Red Ed Miliband at the helm?

Not a chance of winning the next election.

He doesn’t have charisma, that special something that makes people want to flock to his cause!

Because he doesn’t have a cause, his comments on social housing as regards the poor do show Miliband in a very poor light.

He doesn’t get it at all on any level.

And that is why he will be sitting on the opposition benches a very long time.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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