Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alan McCombes writes a book on Tommy Sheridan’s downfall and is slammed for "profiteering" by Sheridan supporters, McCombes keeps all the beans!

Dear All

Scotland’s Nelson Mandela is currently sitting in the jail; so far, he hasn’t even attempted to escape once.

By all accounts considering his situation, he is enjoying his time despite the restrictions.

This is his blog:


As a ‘political’ prisoner, he is bearing up well.

During his trial, his pal, Alan McCombes gave evidence against him in court, they are not pals now.

Anyway, where there’s muck there’s brass!

Alan McCombes has written a book about the shamed politician and Tommy Sheridan will not get a bean!

All the beans will go to Alan McCombes.

Pals of Tommy Sheridan yesterday have been quick to accuse McCombes, a former ally of "profiteering."

Alan McCombes, who gave evidence against Sheridan in his perjury trial, has penned an indepth account of his ex-friend, titled Downfall.

The title is apt because Downfall is also a movie about Hitler’s last days in the bunker; McCombes is a bit of a wag.

And of course politicians have used clips of the movie for epic parodies of Gordon Brown, with the classic being ‘in the bunker after Glasgow East’.

Funny as f*ck by the way, if you want a good laugh then go to youtube and watch this video, if is uplifting.

Downfall, the book is out this week and promises to tell the "no holds barred inside story" of the firebrand's rise and fall.

How much of the book will be devoted to shagging remains to be seen and I don’t think McCombes is able to provide any eye witness accounts of Tommy Sheridan in action. Unless he managed to peek over the headboard when the deeds were getting done!

He could pen it in a chapter, my role as a water boy!

The Defend Tommy Sheridan Campaign said the book was "yet another attack" on him after his conviction for perjury last year.

Actually, I see it as someone who is making a quick buck!

Campaign chairman Ken Ross said:

"This book is not about putting the record straight, but about McCombes trying to repair his own reputation and, of course, blatant profiteering."

Ken Ross is slightly confused, the jury put the record straight, I like Tommy Sheridan as a politician, he makes Glasgow politics brighter but he would have needed a miracle at Court to get him off.

He mistakenly gambled that he could pull off a win, when he needed a trial lawyer, a good one.

Tommy Sheridan will be out soon and back on the campaign trail, politically and legally wiser.

Alan McCombes is still a ‘comrade’ in socialism with one exception, he is a bit richer.

Next time Tommy Sheridan should pick better friends.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

This has all the hallmarks of the Establishment dirty trick's brigade!

Peter Lindgren said...

"Next time Tommy Sheridan should pick better friends"
Yeah, better best men, better mistresses, better political friends, better ...