Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tory Peer Lord Lang sends a clear message, working class scum aren’t good enough to sit on his committee unless they achieve distinction

Dear All

Working class scum need not apply.

This is the jist of Lord Lang, chairman of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, which vets the jobs of former ministers.

Bus drivers, waitresses and other people in ‘unimportant’ jobs are not fit to sit in judgement on the business interests of former ministers.

The reason is that ordinary people are not qualified to judge whether former ministers such as Lord Mandelson should be allowed to take well-paid jobs in the private sector.

Qualified to sit on a jury though!

It seems that in corrupt Britain, Tory Peer, Lord Lang doesn’t want trash sitting in his Committee which comprises of four peers, two knights and a dame.

Lay people are acceptable at a push if, and only if they had achieved distinction.

Lang said:

“I would hope, however, it would be a lay member who had experience and proven success in a relatively important profession or trade – somebody who had achieved distinction – rather than a waitress or a bus driver.”

Read his statement again to take in the full meaning, you and your family are not good enough, not the right breeding, not the right club, not the right school and not the right university.

His comments angered members of the Commons Public Administration Committee which is investigating the ‘revolving door’ between Whitehall and big business.

One hand washes the other.

Labour MP Paul Flynn revealed that he had worked as a bus driver in the past and said to Lord Lang:

“Speaking as a bus driver of long-standing who married a waitress could you explain why neither I nor my wife have any contribution to make to your committee?”

I like Flynn and have put his blog on my website.

Lord Lang, a former trade secretary who now has extensive business interests, said a committee of people who ‘knew nothing at all about the issues involved’ would produce the wrong results.

If people can read, they can make judgements just as they do during jury service.

Common sense is all that is required.

Speaking of idiots, Lang then used the tact of warning that ordinary people might be ‘cowed’ by the prospect of dealing with the former ministers and senior civil servants whose job applications the committee considers.

Speaking personally I don’t think Mandelson or any other political character would 'cow' me.

Breaking Tory ranks, Tory MP Robert Halfon suggested the existing arrangement was too ‘cosy’.

He said:

“It does look like the Establishment running your committee”.

And he is right.

Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland said:

“There is a fundamental problem with the whole business of how the committee is appointed which means that as things stand there is little chance of getting public confidence in the system.”

I previously FOI the Labour Government years ago to ask, how many ordinary working class people were given appointments on Government Committees?

The reply was that the Government don’t keep that type of information.

If they did it would highlight officially what everyone knows privately, pro active discrimination in Government is top downwards.

In a tetchy exchange, Mr Halfon told Lord Lang:

“I am mystified by your committee and what the point of it is.”

It is to let people earn enough ‘credit’ for a gong from the Queen.

Lord Lang is chairman of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, a former trade secretary, educated at Rugby School and Cambridge University, is a director of no fewer than five corporations.

His most prominent role is at giant U.S. insurance firm Marsh and McLennan, where he due to become chairman later this year. Non-executive director at the hedge fund Charlemagne Capital and the Russian energy firm SoyuzNefteGaz. Directorships include Ukrainian wine company OJSC Sun Valley and management consultants SI Associates.

And he doesn’t want working class trash sitting beside him making decisions about ‘important’ people.

Lang’s Committee has never ordered a former minister not to take up a lucrative job in the private sector. Its strongest sanction is to ban ministers from lobbying their former departments for up to two years.

Britain 2011, totally and utterly corrupt!

George Laird was right again.

Lord Lang furnished additional proof.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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