Friday, February 11, 2011

Former Labour MP Mohammad Sarwar plays the race card against Team Angiolini, the Crown Office branded institutional racists in ill judged rant

Dear All

Former Labour MP Mohammad Sarwar plays the race card.

And he is flagging up Team Angiolini.

I can believe a lot of things about Team Angiolini but "institutionalised racism" isn’t one of them.

And I am quite an outspoken critic of these people.

Prosecutors have now taken the step of publicly speaking out to reject claims a case was motivated by racism as "absolute nonsense."

Mohammad Sarwar said "institutionalised racism" played a part in the prosecution of his son Athif after his money-laundering conviction was quashed by appeal judges.

He said:

"I believe institutionalised racism has played a part in this prosecution of my son. This has been a living hell for my family and my son but I always felt that the higher legal authorities would see the conviction as unjustified. There must be an inquiry into this prosecution."

Is there proof of racism?


Is there secondary evidence of "institutionalised racism" in other cases?


By playing the race card, former Labour MP Mohammad Sarwar has shown in my mind that an appointment to the House of Lords is totally unjustified.

The House of Lords doesn’t need a race Lord sitting on the benches.

A Crown Office spokesman said:

"After full and careful consideration of all the facts and circumstances, and the available evidence in this case, Crown Counsel decided it was in the public interest to prosecute. We note the decision of the court. Any suggestion that this prosecution was motivated by racism is absolute nonsense. This case was solely the result of an investigation and prosecution in the public interest."

And that is how the system works, the Crown Office doesn’t do prosecutions based on race and to suggest such is disgusting.

Does anyone believe for a moment the current Scottish Government would tolerate people like that working as prosecutors in Scotland?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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PLANIT said...

Yes Angolini seems to get her jollies spending taxpayers money to get Levy Mcrae to gag Robert Green , and then to attack the Drum for pointing out that she had did what she did.

However I wouldn't have thought that racism was one of her many misdemeanors.

That said she does seem to have a bit of a Nelsons eye for anything her mates are up to in Aberdeen