Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One in ten youngsters in Glasgow lives in grinding poverty, the failure of Glasgow politicians exposed, party before people, rich before poor

Dear All

I like to watch housing programmes like ‘A Place in the Sun’, ‘Location, location, location’ and Grand Designs.

What do these programmes all have in common?

Rich people buying expensive houses that for most people in Scotland are well beyond their means. When poor people have programmes made about them like the secret millionaire or the scheme it is to put forward the sterotype of working class people as scumbags.

Fast forward to the reality in Scotland today, nearly a tenth of children in Scotland are living in "severe poverty".

This is according to research from a leading charity, Save the Children which says its findings are a "national scandal".

And the Labour Party during the last 13 years in government saw the gap between rich and poor increase and opportunity restricted.

I have never been what most people would term a ‘proper’ holiday, the two weeks in the sun lazing on a beach is unknown to me.

As is a lot of the things that people take for granted, my life is about living in a cold flat, eating cheap food, buying cheap clothes and going nowhere.

If I am lucky I get occasionally to win £10 on the lottery.


Government talk about poverty but they don’t understand poverty, they think education is a route out of it.

On rare occasions it is but what has created 'Ghetto Scotland' is restricted social opportunities.

Vast sections of society can’t get their rights and politicians suddenly take great interest in this…. at election time.

They think that trying to ‘con’ you for the 3 weeks of a short election campaign will be enough to trick you into voting for them when the other 49 weeks they wouldn't give you the time of day.

Ask yourself this question before you vote at this year’s Holyrood election.

When did you last see politicians in your area, out with election time?

If they really are so concerned about you and your family, why aren’t they campaigning for local organisations in your area?

Why aren’t they campaigning for local people in your area?

Why aren’t they campaigning for the local area?

If you do see an elected politician campaigning, they are usually doing it during their ‘working’ day.

And let’s be clear, you’re paying for that.

The head of Save the Children says in Scotland swift action is required in the country's most deprived areas to prevent the emergence of a "lost generation".

Is that a joke, there has been lost generations for the last 40 years.

Douglas Hamilton, head of Save the Children in Scotland, said:

"Urgent action is required in Scotland's most deprived areas or we will end up with a lost generation. Some of these children will grow up living in households with no working adults - they have never seen a parent or grandparent work and this becomes the norm”.

Hamilton added:

"People don't see a route out of poverty or this cycle of worklessness and the government needs to give them hope. It's essential that we see urgent, bold measures with more resources pumped into these areas to create some decent jobs for parents."

Glasgow fares worst in Scotland, this comes as no surprise as the City has been blighted by a Labour Council of shame which runs Glasgow like a fiefdom.

The situation to change Glasgow for the better will only happen when people educate themselves to what the Glasgow Labour Party has done here.

Politicians have a lot of failure to answer for, their mistakes blighted people's lives.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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