Thursday, February 10, 2011

Labour MSP Richard Baker says in the Cadder wake ‘This is a grim day for Scottish justice’, more reason not to allow Labour back into Government

Dear All

The effects of the Peter Cadder Case have caused a ripple effect through Scottish Justice.

Nearly 900 cases have been dropped or put on hold because of last year’s landmark ruling.

So, this begs the question why did the Labour Party in Scotland when it had control of the Scottish Government in 1999 not fix the problem?

The truth is that they didn’t care that people were entitled to a fair trial.

Since 1984, suspects in England have had the right to have access to a lawyer when detained, Scots did not.

Labour MSP Richard Baker says this is a “grim day for Scottish justice”.

He should know; the Labour Party controlled Holyrood for the first two terms of the parliament which explains why justice is under developed.

The Labour Party put a cretin in the justice portfolio, Cathy ‘moron’ Jamieson.

Before that the Labour Party did a deal which saw Lib Dem Jim Wallace oversee the position.

Wallace was useless.

Among the cases dropped are seven serious sex charges, robbery, and firearms offence also fell.

These people are back on the street because the Labour/Lib Dem Coalition, they never sorted out the justice brief when they had the chance.

Human rights lawyer Tony Kelly said:

“The Lord Advocate saw the writing was on the wall and changed the way her people operated”.

Unfortunately ‘Labour’ Angiolini saw the writing after the fire was fully engulfing the house.

Further proof that Angiolini should have been binned by the Scottish Government in 2007!

George Laird was right again.

Angiolini is trying to be seen as part of the solution but the reality is, she is part of the problem.

Anyway back to the halfwit, Labour MSP Richard Baker who is bumping his gums, he said:

“Today’s announcement is a grim day for Scottish justice. Almost 900 accused persons will no longer face justice. The public has a right to know what the full extent of this disaster has been”.

And the disaster started in 1984, when the same rights of English people weren’t afford to people in Scotland.

Another landmark was Labour’s first two terms of the Scottish Government.

Conservative John Lamont MSP said:

“We are now seeing the devastating effect this ruling is having on the Scottish justice system. Our conviction rate is suffering as self-confessed criminals are being allowed to walk free.”

1984 to 1999, the Scottish Tories bear responsibility for not fighting Scotland’s corner.

Reason, their stupidity on crime, arrogance swamped logic.

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said it welcomed the “precautionary measures” taken by the Crown to reduce the impact of the Cadder judgment on pending cases.

There are no heroes in the Peter Cadder Case from any of the mainstream political parties because they weren’t pro active on this issue.

If people had done their jobs properly we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

Labour MSP Richard Baker is currently shouting the odds but we must remember that he should be shouting in the direction of Labour MSP/MP Cathy ‘moron’ Jamieson.

Then Lib Dem Lord Wallace!

And the Scottish Tories!

Followed by Team Angiolini!

And last but not least the Police Service.

They all contributed to this mess right up to their necks.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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