Saturday, February 19, 2011

David Cameron backs ‘cycle homes’ as the ‘natural’ replace to motor homes, citing increased social mobility and overseas military applications

Dear All

Austerity Britain has produced some odd innovations.

Bikohomes, the world’s leading cyclehomes company has produced their new cycle home to the general public.

Cycle homes are expected to replace motor homes in the future as oil becomes in short supply.

Chairman Sid Pendlebrooke-symth the 3rd said:

‘I was at a Tory dinner party when the subject of screwing the country for government contracts came up. I suggested ‘cyclehomes’, you take a cycle and lash a fridge onto it and off you go, a dynamo powers the fridge and we even throw in a plastic sheet to act as a roof, kept on the top of the fridge’.

Pendlebrooke-symth added:

‘I donated £100,000 to Tory Party HQ coffers and immediately got appointments with Foreign Office and Department for International Development. Also because the idea is so radical, I was surprised to receive a call from the MOD asking if we could do an armoured version for troops in Afghanistan’.

An MOD spokesman said:

‘Things are still at an early stage but we understand that troops in the field are desperate for a kebab, so an armoured cycle home means they can peddle down to the local shops, get a carry out and peddle back up the road, it is the latest thing in stealth technology’.

‘And it comes in black’!

Chairman Sid Pendlebrooke-symth the 3rd said:

‘I am pleased that the MOD has decided to take 3,000 units of our new armoured cycle homes which use the latest in stealth technology. With three government departments now on board and an order book of £23,000,000 I can now take on a second person to help me in my garage’.

A Number 10 spokesman said:

‘Yet again British technology is playing its part in society and the wider world, with emerging markets in China and India, Britain will be a market leader’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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