Friday, February 18, 2011

Marcelino Italiano, night club bouncer says ‘Madeleine McCann is in America and I know who took her’; he should be arrested for wasting Police time

Dear All

The Madeleine McCann makes the news again, as amateur sleuth Marcelino Italiano makes claims that she was kidnapped by a paedophile ring with connections in Britain and could now be in America.

He is a night club security man.

Marcelino Italiano’s story is that Maddie may have been kidnapped by the gang and smuggled out of Portugal.

Is there proof to that claim?

No; not a shred of evidence.

The bouncer who worked in the Algarve has reportedly spoken to police and named two suspects.

He told the Sun newspaper:

‘I know these people were involved and I have been told that Madeleine may now be in America”.

So, he moves in their circles or is the ‘kidnappers’ have been shouting their heads off?

He added:

“I can't say how, but I have known these people and believe they can get away with anything.”

Evidential lite doesn’t quite describe this and do it justice.

Italiano also claims to have been attacked by members of the paedophile gang, after he threatened to reveal their identity.

So, why didn’t he go to the Portuguese Police?

Why did he hand his story into the Spanish Police?

Perhaps he was still making up his story and trying to interweaving it with another, the Casa Pia case. In that case a paedophile ring targeted children but only young boys, something that Marcelino Italiano should have researched better.

And in the Casa Pia case there was never a case of abduction either.

I wonder if Italiano, a 6ft 4in bouncer could make up a sentence using these words in it, blood, cuddlecat, cadaver scent, bed sheets.

These words are important in the Madeleine McCann Case.

Marcelino Italiano will have his 15 minutes of ‘fame’ in the British press but in the end, his claims will go nowhere, produce nothing and achieve nothing for Madeleine McCann.

As to his claim that she is in North America he said:

"I know these people were involved and I have been told that Madeleine may now be in America. I can't say how, but I have known these people and believe they can get away with anything. I think there have been over a dozen children kidnapped. They prey on the weak and vulnerable."

His entire story doesn’t commit to anything; she may have been kidnapped, maybe by a gang, maybe smuggled out of Portugal, maybe in the USA.

And it all lacks proof.

Madeleine McCann sightings have been reported across Europe and North Africa and as far away as Canada, Tasmania and Dubai, we can now add America.

And it is all wrong!

On hearing the news of Marcelino Italiano’s story, Team McCann said:

“We are grateful for the information. As with any information of this nature the man concerned has done the right thing by informing the Spanish authorities. Clearly it will be a matter for them and the private investigators currently searching for Madeleine to investigate further."

The Spanish authorities rightly passed this to the Portuguese Police, it isn’t a matter for them, no crime has been committed in their jurisdiction, no evidence is presented that Madeleine McCann is in their locale either.

This is complete tripe.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Johanna said...

This story was launched by Team McCann themselves via Clarence Mitchell. The attacks against Goncalo Amaral will be brought to a new level. The hint about the birthday party revealed it to those who know this case. He is going to be accused together with Paulo Pereira Cristóvão and other friends who attended his birthday party of being part of the ficticious paedo ring Madeleine was "abducted" by. Furious Kate wants revenge and I guess it will be a case of "all being revealed in the book." This farce has to be stopped now or it will cost even more lives in the end.

And all with the help and complicity of the british media.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning this latest piece of "news˝ is beyond belief that this gets any column inches even in such a scally rag that the sun newspaper is! I'm a glaswegian And I cringe. My embarrasment is only overshadowed by my sorrow for
Madeliene...alive or not.

Anonymous said...

"And all with the help and complicity of the british media."

It is also being done with the help and complicity of the British government.

Ask yourself again, who is Gerry McCann?

What is the history of his family?

What connections did this family have with governmental officials prior to the trip to Praia da Luz?

Why would the British press and the British government be a part of the cover-up to the crimes committed; the concealment of a cadaver, the child neglect, the obstruction of justice and the fraudulent solicitation of millions of pounds into the Madeleine Fund?

Anonymous said...

you are all ignorant pricks and rednecks to say the least-but for the grace of god go you!