Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Students stage mini ‘Cairo’ protest at human rights abusing Glasgow University to have club reopened, corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal

Dear All

It isn’t Egypt but the human rights abusing Glasgow University has seen a mini ‘Cairo’ as Student activists occupied a disused Glasgow University social club.

The Hetherington Research Club was a nice little place to pop in a visit; it had a relaxed atmosphere in which you could potter about in.

No hassle.

Then things went ‘tits up’ as it run into financial trouble last February amid claims that thousands of pounds had been embezzled from the accounts.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli then let it go to the wall because although Glasgow University runs a business school no one was bright enough to save it.

If you want to know corrupt Anton Muscatelli is then this post written by me explains a lot about the bullying culture ingrained at Glasgow University.

The Glasgow University Business School previously ran an ad saying they had been open longer than the Bank of England.

But the Bank of England makes a profit unlike the university which is a drain on the Scottish people, this black hole swallowed up £137 million pounds of taxpayers’ money in one year.

It is ranked 128th in the world.

Tells a story!

The ‘Cairo’ demo is a bid to force the authorities to rethink their decision to close down the Hetherington Club.

Obviously the students are still not familiar with how corrupt Glasgow University is, corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli isn’t for turning.

As a corrupt foreigner, destroying a part of Glasgow University’s history is meaningless to him.

So, 50 students ‘stormed’ into the Hetherington Research Club, probably with this listed as part of the student activism for future employment opportunities in politics.

Perhaps they should be called the ‘feeble 50’.

A banner was unrolled and hung from a balcony saying ‘open’, presumably they didn’t have anyone with imagination with them.

Surely ‘Stop Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli destroying Glasgow University history’ would be a better slogan.

The group say that a decision has been made to occupy the club “indefinitely.”

Which is pure bullshit; perhaps they have been reading Russian WW2 propaganda of Ilya Ehrenburg.

The students have issued demands that they will not leave until Glasgow University agreed to fund the reopening of the club.

A University mouthpiece said:

“As long as the protest remains peaceful and does not disrupt the normal business of the university and other students, campus security will not intervene.”

A clear sign that doing up the Hetherington Club isn’t a priority and they can sit and wait till the students give up or move on to the next ‘cause’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Thomas said...

This has been a sorry tale for the last two years. As I understand the building was gifted to the PG and Mature students as a club. It was a great institution and a haven for us who did not want to be subjected to the noise/music that you got in the other unions. The university in it's ever increasing demand for office space want to take it from the PG and Mature students and make it more office space. If the university is cutting back on support staff and staff in general how does it need a multiplicity of office space?

Anonymous said...

You are a racist idiot. Anton Muscatelli not being from Scotland has nothing to do with whether or not he's a good guy.

And you'd be eating your 'feeble' words if you went and saw how well the occupation is doing now.