Friday, December 24, 2010

In the Tommy Sheridan case, I said on the 15th October he was in real trouble and needed a trial lawyer, George Laird was right again

Dear All

The Tommy Sheridan verdict came as no surprise.

It was a bitter, nasty, hostile and at times, vocally bad tempered fight at the High Court in Glasgow.

Good entertainment value from the point of view from an outsider and excellent for those considering a career in law.

On the 15th October 2010, I wrote this post.

I said in explicit terms:

“For fuck sake son, get a trial lawyer because you are getting legally fucked up the arse with a dick the size of an elephant”.

For those who are film buffs, you will notice that is a slight adaptation from the line used by Tom Cruise in the movie, The Firm.


After Tom Cruise forcibly puts his client in the picture regarding tax, the person turns round and says;

“Do you know that as a fact?”

Tommy Sheridan had a disastrous start to his trial and although he had some good days and scored points, made some headway, in the end, it wasn’t enough.

Through-out the trial, I have to say I was impressed by Lord Bracadale who from what I heard and read was a model of fairness.

Well done that Judge.

In granting Sheridan bail, he allowed Tommy Sheridan to spend Xmas with his wife and 5 year old daughter and keep his promise.

Tommy Sheridan returns to Court on the 26th January 2011.

Judge Lord Bracadale told him beofre he left Court:

"You have been convicted of the serious offence of perjury and must return to court expecting to begin a prison sentence."

It has been said that the Police inquiry cost about £1,500,000 and the trial between £2 million to £3 million pounds.£4.5 million and if he is sent down for 5 years then add another £160k to that total.

For £4.6 million, does the public feel they got value for money?

Justice has been done, the right verdict was produced by the jury based on the evidence, the winners have taken the laurels but I wonder deep down if the 'winners' really feel like celebrating?

In politics, the usual rule of thumb is that as soon as an opposition politician get caught doing something wrong, automatically you scream for their head on a plate, in some kind of self righteous way.

In this case I don't feel I want to, it is also like there is a sense of loss attached to this verdict not just for Sheridan but for Scotland.

Away back in October I saw the writing on the wall, when I bumped into a photographer who does work for the News of the World on occasion and he asked my opinion.

He wanted to know; what was the George Laird view?

I immediately said that Tommy Sheridan was completely f****d!

He had a different take on the case and thought he would get not proven.

I listen as he reeled off tit bits but in the back of my mind I always thought that Sheridan’s best chance of freedom would be in the hands of a clever trial lawyer.

As for Aamer Anwar who was Sheridan’s solicitor, my view is still the same as it was here:

He is a prick!

Someone in the Times agreed with my assessment.

When Sheridan sacked Maggie Scott QC, It was a mistake.

I said:

“I think Sheridan is in real trouble, he needs a trial lawyer or the next ‘big brother’ house he will be in, will be Barlinnie Prison”.

George Laird was right again but in this incidence I take no pleasure in saying I told you so.

Perhaps, the public interest would be better served if Lord Bracadale tempted his sentence with mercy, I don't see Sheridan representing a danger to the public, warehousing him for 5 years would cost circa £160k and as the Crown said there was no victim in this case.

I would like to see a suspended prison sentence, fine and community service, I would think this would better serve the ends of justice and be more appropriate.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


cynicalHighlander said...

"I would like to see a suspended prison sentence, fine and community service, I would think this would better serve the ends of justice and be more appropriate."

I would concur with that but am dubious to it happening as you have stated many times the UK is corrupt and is willing to sacrifice anyone to hide the murky waters that is the state.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

all true revolutionary socialists have spent time in prison(writng tomes) Tommys legend will no doubt grow from his incarceration by the dark forces of serve as a warning to others who advocate Independence.

Not Alex Salmond of course he has taken the English shilling and become a fair weather nationalist.

Anonymous said...

I agree George, I see the NOTW wants to break Sheridan finanically as well. Built up to be torn down, best not to court the press in politics.

Anonymous said...

"all true revolutionary socialists".

Have you seen his house on Paisley Road West, not exactly working class hero location to me.