Monday, December 20, 2010

Six Sheridan perjury claims dropped as Advocate Deputy Alex Prentice QC goes for the win at the 11th hour, who gets the Xmas present from the jury?

Dear All

Six allegations of perjury against former Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) MSP Tommy Sheridan have been dropped.

It the trend continues much longer then Alex Prentice QC will be forced to stand outside the High Court in Glasgow with a cup in his hand, begging for a few coppers.

That way at least he can make something positive out of his time down there.

The hit trial at the High Court against Sheridan is entering its closing stages and Xmas is at the end of the week!

So, who is getting the Xmas present from the jury, Sheridan or Prentice?

After dropping the charges against Gail Sheridan, Alex Prentice QC has put all his eggs in one basket in a high risk strategy that a jury might sling Sheridan into the Bar L hotel if he is a solo act.

With charges dropping like leaves in autumn the Prosecutors have told the members of the jury at the High Court in Glasgow that the deletion of significant parts of the indictment would assist them as they prepare to consider their verdict!

Is Prentice under the impression if there is a just a little bit left then on balance the jury might look kindly on his case?

I don’t think so but in a Court of Law anything can happen.

Sheridan denies all charges to the hilt.

In his closing speech Advocate Depute Alex Prentice QC put his foot in it by telling the jury that there were no victims in this case.

He did however say that perjury was a serious crime nonetheless.

Prentice said:

"The charge is one of perjury. That is a serious crime for the simple reason that our whole system of justice falls apart if perjury is acceptable behaviour."

Given the nature of how this case came to Court in the first place being highly unusual, I would say that the whole system of justice regardless of the merits of this case has been turned on its head to give the News of the World a second bite at the cherry.

So, at the death knell of this trial Prentice is on a Shoogly Peg cutting away charges and trying his best so that one simple question remains, did Tommy Sheridan lie at his previous trial?

I think that the deliberation of the jury will be quick.

If Alex Prentice QC doesn’t get the win, he will be known as the man who flunked the Sheridan Case, a laughing stock in the Fiscal Service.

Scotland waits, Glasgow waits and the fate of Tommy Sheridan rests with 14 people, anything could happen, it is on a knife edge.

Drum roll please!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Tommy Sheridan has been known throughout much of Glasgow as a thug, cocaine fan, client of prostitutes, and liar, ever since the 1980s when his little gang used commonly to threaten to stab anarchists and other leftists if they didn’t get things their own way. It surprised nobody that he eventually ended up friends with the notorious gangster Paul Ferris, who not only put the contract out on Arthur Thompson Junior but also had the guys who did it for him murdered. Sheridan’s friendship with that other thug ex-pseudo leftist Derek Hatton is also not surprising. Some of the witnesses against Sheridan were threatened by other friends of Ferris. What should happen is that Sheridan should be jailed and the key should be thrown away. If that happens, then a lot more will come out, when more people start telling the press what they know. The only surprise is that it has taken this long for Sheridan to be exposed. I hold no brief for the Murdoch press, but it will be a bad day for truth if he gets acquitted. Sheridan has also boasted of his friendship with police officers, and this too is no surprise given that he became widely known as “Shop ‘Em Sheridan” after he called for “naming names” after the London Poll Tax Riot in 1990. That he’s been able to get so many creeps to lie for him in court is quite disgusting… In about four different grapevines in Glasgow it’s common knowledge that he uses prostitutes, uses cocaine, and threatens to carry out or arrange violence against anyone who gets in his way. COME ON, JURORS, DO TRUTH A FAVOUR AND BRING IN THE “PROVEN” VERDICT THAT IS SO OBVIOUSLY THE FAIR ONE!