Saturday, December 18, 2010

Joy for the Sheridans as Gail is cleared, Team Angiolini having a hell of a time trying to secure a conviction, Rupert £200k in readies!

Dear All

We all remember the epic scene in the movie Braveheart where William Wallace played by Mel Gibson was being tortured by the English.

The Chief Prosecutor says:

‘The prisoner wishes to say a word’.

William Wallace shouts:


Long and loud which the crowd stops in dead silence as the power of what the word means takes root!

At the High Court in Glasgow yesterday another epic event took place when Gail Sheridan was cleared of perjury.

The Sheridan Case is more than just a straight forward trial; it has morphed into something else with a life of its own.

It is unusual case form a legal stand point.

And is seen by many people as unfair, the State is looked upon as acting not for the Crown but as agents of News International and Rupert Murdoch.

When the news broke out that Gail Sheridan was cleared cheers from her supporters rang out.

Advocate Depute Alex Prentice, QC informed the jury it was no longer in the public interest to pursue the case against her.

And also that he had taken into account her personal circumstances.

At that point a tearful Mrs Sheridan and her husband hugged each other, yes there is a movie in this if the fairytale ending comes and Tommy Sheridan walks.

The Sheridan’s have a five-year-old daughter which I suspect is the personal circumstances Prentice meant.

Solicitor John-Paul Mowberry for Mrs Sheridan escorted her to the waiting cameras out and made a brief statement.

He said:

“All charges against Gail Sheridan have now been withdrawn”.

“Gail wishes to thank her solicitor, JP Mowberry, and counsel, Paul McBride, QC, Billy Lavelle and Liam O’Donnell, for their representations on her behalf”.

“After 44 days of trial, Gail stands clear from any criminal charge.”

Short, sharp, to the point and a great photo opportunity.

I think Prentice did the right thing here; any chance of a conviction left that Court along time ago.

The picture says it all, tall and proud, a Braveheart moment conducted with modesty!

Now, there is one last battle to fight, Tommy Sheridan is finished as a political force but maybe the public will want to send him home to his kid.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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