Saturday, December 18, 2010

Peter Kearney, Media Director of the Scottish Catholic Church has a lot to say but will he condemn actions of Vatican and paedophile priests?

Dear All

Recently Peter Kearney, Media Director of the Scottish Catholic Church said:

“Let no-one be in any doubt, with this shameful episode, Catholics in Scotland have drawn a line in the sand. The bigotry, the bile, the sectarian undercurrents and innuendos must end. Such hateful attitudes have had their day. They poison the well of community life. They must be excised and cast out once and for all.”

This seems like a man who stands up and speaks out.

However I am wondering if Peter is able to cast a critical eye over his own Church, so I would like readers of this blog to go on a Xmas hunt.

What do I want you to look for?

Peter Kearney, Media Director of the Scottish Catholic Church calling for Catholic Priests who are dangerous paedophiles to be defrocked and arrested!

There is an old saying:

"The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away”.

I am wonder where is Peter Kearney’s voice on this matter?

Has the Lord taketh away?

The Ireland Paedophile priest scandal was exactly that, the crimes heinous and the cover up by the Irish Church unforgiveable.

Now, we find out that the Vatican tried to stop Dublin church leaders from defrocking a particularly dangerous paedophile priest.

They only relented after he raped a boy in a pub toilet.

So, will Peter Kearney speak out against the Vatican as a ‘man of principle’ or will he weasel out?

I can’t see him speaking out against his bosses, faith may move mountains but cash pays the labour.

Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin yesterday called Tony Walsh, a paedophile priest, an "extremely devious man" who should never have been ordained.

56-year-old Walsh was convicted of raping three boys over a five-year period three decades ago, he received a 12-year prison sentence, twenty years would be more appropriate.
A state-ordered investigation into Dublin Archdiocese cover-ups revealed that Catholic officials had shielded scores of priests from criminal investigation over several decades and didn't report any crimes to the police until the mid-1990s.

These officials put the institution before people; wrongly, the Church is there to serve the people not the other way round.

So, I would like to see Peter Kearney issue a press release on the Scottish Catholic Media Office website condemning paedophile priests.

After all if Peter Kearney can run a campaign against what he sees as ‘shameful episodes’, he will be straight into this like a dug with a bone.

Will Peter Kearney take the George Laird Challenge?

Watch this space, I am sure that people would want to know the full measure of the man.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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