Thursday, December 9, 2010

‘Wendygate’ returns to haunt Glasgow University product Wendy Alexander, concealing the truth can rocket the blood pressure, taking aspirin yet?

Dear All

May 2007 sees the Labour Executive lead by Jack McConnell fall, the stench of Labour’s expenses scandal was even too much for their hardcore voters who felt they were played for mugs.

The Labour Party’s popularity fell through the floor as people jumped ship.

Jack McConnell in two separate interviews for STV and BBC Newsnight Scotland was nailed to the wall by Bernard Ponsonby and Gordon Brewer who both tore him a new arse on consecutive nights before that election.

After the dust settle and it was clear that the Lib Dems weren’t going into coalition with them, the Labour Party who set up Holyrood to try and keep them the biggest party were in opposition and out of government.

For Jack McConnell the knives were oot rather quickly as the blame game started as soon as!

In fairness to McConnell, he wasn’t allowed by London Labour to run his own campaign during that election.

Waiting in the wings was Wendy Alexander continually punted by the MSM and other aspects of the press as the successor.

Baubles were offered and McConnell was out.

Wendy Alexander was a ‘shoo in’ but she had two problems which Labour couldn’t fix.

1/ She wasn’t a leader of men!
2/ She could sell the ‘Wendy Alexander cares for you’ to the people of Scotland.

Anyway the ‘Scottish’ Labour Party rallied round the flag to support Gordon Brown’s choice.

In her bid to become leader Wendy Alexander had an election team who helped manage her campaign and solicit donations.

Labour MSP Charles Gordon, formerly head of the Glasgow Labour Council of shame was part of the team.

A tactic used during the campaign was to solicit donations below a thousand pounds so that the donors’ names didn’t have to be declared.

One donation was from Jersey businessman Mr Paul Green approached by Labour MSP Charles Gordon.

Paul Green under electoral commission rules wasn’t eligible to donate.

Then ‘Wendygate’ burst onto the public domain and Alexander who was being torn apart in FMQ’s each week was deserted by certain aspects of the press calling for her to go and go quick.

In FMQ’s Alexander would ask a question and have her doughy ass kicked all over the chamber, to say it was funny was an understatement, people were in tears, it was one of the best comedy half hours in Holyrood history.

It also killed the Labour myth that Wendy Alexander had a brain the size of a planet.

When it emerged that Charles Gordon was responsible for acquiring the illegal donation from Paul Green, he was hurriedly pushed forward to fall on his rubber sword and resigned as Labour transport spokesman.

What is Charles Gordon doing today?

Labour transport spokesman.

Currently calling for someone to be sacked for heavy snow falling because of ‘Act of God’!

Gordon falling on his rubber sword didn’t seal the breach and that is hardly surprising, Gordon is the kind of person who sets back the cause of the working class every time he opens his mouth.

Words were banded about like mistake and error but what goes around comes around.

The Electoral Commission has sensationally revealed that the source of the illegal donation that led to the resignation of Wendy Alexander as leader of Scottish Labour in 2007 was altered on official campaign documents prior to submission.

So who in Alexander’s campaign team of Lorraine McFarlane (Wendy Alexander’s personal assistant), Tom McCabe (Wendy Alexander’s campaign manager), Jim Metcalfe (Wendy Alexander’s campaign co-ordinator), David Whitton (Wendy Alexander’s media advisor), Charlie Gordon and Wendy Alexander did it?

At present no one is coming forward to put their paw in the air.

David Ferguson has for the last three years fought a battle to try and get the truth out into the public domain.

Wendy Alexander hasn’t offered to publish the full facts, why?

And the Electoral Commission is refusing to publish the identity of the person who altered the document or publish the actual statements given by each of the campaign team when the investigation was being carried out.

Why does the Electoral Commission support the suppression of the truth?

Whose interests are they serving?

David Ferguson has had the right to request an appeal against the part of the 4th November hearing, he said:

“I won half the case, and I lost half the case. I have a right to an appeal to the Upper Tribunal, for which my papers had to be submitted by 2nd December. They were duly submitted on that day, which is probably just as well.”

And the fight goes on to establish the truth of ‘Wendygate’; one thing certain is that Labour MSP Wendy Alexander has over the last three years had ample opportunity to clear this issue up by steadfastly refused to do so.

It seems that Wendy Alexander, Champagne Socialist doesn’t think the public trust needs to be addressed while she can count on the people of Paisley as her meal ticket.

Wendy Alexander is no leader of men.

A true Glasgow University product!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


cynicalHighlander said...

Surely that brings into question her chairing the Calman bill which will have far reaching detrimental effects on all Scots.

Anonymous said...

Aspirin fucks you up.