Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Professor Robert Rennie, LL.B, PhD, FRSA who denied me a fair hearing of my complaints against Glasgow University staff stops by feelings of guilt?

Dear All

I was checking through my statcounter to see who had popped in, and to my surprise, I had a visit from an old fart.

The old fart in question was Professor Robert Rennie, a law professor; he was one of the people who denied me justice while at the human rights abusing Glasgow University.

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Time and date 21st December 2010 10:54:23

He is a Professor of Conveyancing.

In law, conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien.

When I was complaining about my abusive treatment 'my' complaint was generated by staff, of the people I was complaining about and submitted to him on my behalf, without my knowledge.

Professor Robert Rennie investigated the Glasgow University staff version of my complaint.

He headed a secret hearing into my complaints organised by the people I was complaining about!

I was:

1/ Not told it was taking place.
2/ Not interviewed.
3/ Not allowed to submit evidence
4/ None of my witnesses were interviewed or allowed to submit evidence.

As a qualified lawyer, he must have known that this was entirely wrong.

In Appendix H of my formal complaint it was sent to the then Principal Muir Russell and all the Vice Principals Robin Leake, Anton Muscatelli, Andrea Nolan, Peter Holmes, Steve Beaumont, and Christopher Morris I pointed out what Rennie and others were up to.

Here is the text of part of the letter sent.

Appendix H is a letter from Professor Robert Rennie, Law Faculty who is also attached to the Senate Office. Professor Rennie apparently was able to conduct an investigation into my complaint without interviewing me or looking at my evidence. He then managed to clear individuals from the Department he is attached to. I should point out that under the university staff procedures this is not allowed. So, either Dr. Jack Aitken when he wrote on the 25th February 2004 is a liar or Professor Robert Rennie has been involved in the covering up of fraud at Glasgow University by investigating a case that he is not allowed to, under the policies and procedures of the University.

My letter and all Glasgow University documents which proved every single allegation went to the senior management of Glasgow University as I said including the current Principal, the corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli.

So why did so many people involve themselves in covering up fraud?

Because I was working class and poor, this won’t have happened to me if I was rich and socially well connected.

So, who was I complaining about?

Four Senior Heads of University Departments:

Julie Ommer, SRS Director;

Dr. Jack Aitken, Head of the Senate Office;

Professor Christopher Gilmore, Head of Chemistry

David Fildes, Head of the Data Protection Office who have all lied within my disciplinary process.

Their gross misconduct and lies have resulted in my being the victim of institutional bullying, discrimination, harassment, malpractice and fraud.

You can click on the link and read in detail how they operate:


Glasgow University operate a secret policy of bullying and discrimination and that runs from the top of the senior management downwards.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli still hasn’t returned a single penny of the various monies stolen from me or apologised for the way I was treated.

At Glasgow University the rights of the staff abuser are more important that the rights of the victim.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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