Wednesday, December 22, 2010

‘Watch them words!’ George Osborne upsets Labour MP Chris Bryant, Bryant throws verbal and Osborne power punches him to the canvas, one shot

Dear All

‘Watch them words!’

If you like John Wayne movies then you will recognise that as a quote from Victor McLaglen from the movie ‘She wore a Yellow Ribbon’.

And if you don’t buy the movie, it’s excellent.

Tory MP and Chancellor George Osborne is crap at comedy, bad timing and unfunny with no feel for the art.

It meant as a festive joke but it backfired spectacularly when George Osborne was plunged into a homophobia row after he called a gay shadow minister a ‘pantomime dame’.

In the Commons, opposition parties trade verbal blows as they try to score points off each other, Vince Cable did the Mr. Bean routine for Gordon Brown; Denis Healy did the dead sheep on Sir Geoffrey Howe.

The comments are quick and sometimes score a hit.

When George Osborne fired across what was meant to be a light-hearted riposte to a dig at him by Labour’s Chris Bryant, it went from panto to an Ellery Queen thiller.
Bryant also known for sticking the boot in by his acerbic wit failed to see the funny side and accused Mr Osborne of being nasty and homophobic.

To set the stage, the feisty exchange happened in front of MPs during Treasury questions, the final session before parliament broke up for Christmas.

Bryant opened the play by likened Mr Osborne to ‘Baron Hardup’, Cinderella’s father because of his austerity cuts.

By saying:

“The Chancellor of the Exchequer takes a particular delight, it seems, in playing the role of Baron Hardup. But can I just say to him in the nicest, Christmassy way possible, that all his austerity talk does provide real anxiety for many of my constituents who worry about their winter fuel allowance, who worry about VAT increasing in January, who worry about major losses in construction jobs in the new year. So can I please just encourage him, just sometimes, to play Prince Charming instead?”

Osborne fired a broadside by replying:

“At least I’m not the pantomime dame.”

Pantomine dames are usually made up to look ugly and shocking.

It is said that Bryant, who is a Labour justice spokesman, looked shocked before shouting that the remark was ‘homophobic’.

A handful of Tory MPs laughed!

Later he told the Daily Mail that he had not received any apology from the Chancellor.

He said:

“I will survive.”

And hopefully plot revenge?

Post Xmas!

David Cameron was dragged into the row when he was asked at a Number 10 press conference whether it was acceptable for the Chancellor to call a gay MP a ‘pantomime dame’.

Cameron said probably wearily and see the Turkey and stuffing at the end of the Tunnel that it sounded like part of the ‘rough and tumble’ of parliament.

Disgraceful Deputy Minister Nick Clegg said:

“Surely it wasn’t intended as a homophobic remark – of course not.”


A Commons source added:

“George thinks he is being funny but sometimes his off-the-cuff responses get the better of him. If he is not careful, he will be cast as the villain in this pantomime, or at the very least, the back end of the horse.”

I always thought George Osborne spent his spare time, head first in the back end of a horse!

Hell across the dispatch box, surely a truce before the end of the week is in order and maybe everyone could go out and see a panto!

Osborne and Bryant would have to sit together sharing the same bag of popcorn because of austerity cuts.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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