Monday, December 13, 2010

Glasgow University product and Tory MP James Gray accused of making a ‘racist’ comment in the House of Commons against a Labour Party idiot

Dear All

Recently a Tory MP has been accused of making "racist" comments against Scotland.

What day is it?

Wiltshire North MP James Gray prompted outrage when he told worst than useless Labour MP William Bain to “get back to jockland".

This is outrageous, we don’t want him!

Scots prefer to ‘keep Scotland beautiful by dumping their rubbish in England’.

I would sooner take back a hot steaming poo than Bain!

Wiltshire North MP James Gray, who made the remark to Glasgow North East MP Willie Bain during environment questions in the House which has been used as a sign that the Conservative's "respect agenda" with Scotland is "only skin deep".

There is no Tory “respect agenda” and the only benefit I can see is this has been extended to William Bain.

A warmer!

What’s wrong with the North Sea as an alternative to “jockland”?

The gaff by Gray comes just over a week after Prime Minister David Cameron told a gathering of journalists that he hopes his party can make a breakthrough in Scotland.


They fielding a candidate list of axe murderers, terrorists, bigamists and porn stars?

Because the current lot could win a sow’s ear in a free sow’s ear giveaway!

Wiltshire North MP James Gray is another product of human right abusing Glasgow University so this might explain what some are calling 'racist' remarks on his part.

He previously notoriety as a ‘tightwad’ for claiming for Remembrance Day wreaths which outraged even the Tory Party who like to do the rule Britannia.

We are talking £60 here.

In 2005 Gray put his foot in it and was sacked as shadow Scottish secretary less than a week after his appointment when he suggested the Scottish Parliament should be abolished and replaced by Scottish MPs travelling up to Edinburgh to do the business.Tories were trying to rebrand themselves as pro-devolution so awful timing on his part.

Gray has a history of bad judgment while his wife was fighting breast cancer; Gray was having an affair with a married woman behind her back.

A true Glasgow University product, very nasty!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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