Monday, June 21, 2010

Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell, self styled ‘Prince of Powder’ returns to Glasgow just in time to see his Aleo ‘empire’ crumble, welcome back

Dear All

Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell has returned to the City of Glasgow after months of going into hiding and dodging the Police.

The reason for dodging the Police was that he admitted to taking cocaine publicly in a newspaper article.

That attempt at the sympathy vote hit the ground with a rather large thud.

After getting spotted in the city walking about with his trusty bottle of diet Irn bru he informed the press:

“I know there is no chance of a return to electoral politics. I have no wish to return to frontline politics”.

For Purcell drinking Irn bru must be a novelty when he was used to drinking taxpayer bought champagne.

In one night, the self styled ‘Prince of Powder’ and his cronies battered through 8 bottles of bubbly costing £400 at a Cordia event.

Taxpayers’ money!

Purcell was once tipped as a future First Minister by the press but I couldn’t see that myself despite the Council being a route to Holyrood.

Charles Gordon was a former head of the Labour council of shame and also Frank McAveety, they have had their ‘moments’.

Purcell says he wants to continue to work for the Labour Party in a voluntary role.

I see it as building back up his contacts so at some stage he will get a job in a Labour controlled body.

Purcell added:

“I am considering working for an MP during the summer, just to tide myself over. It would be purely back-office stuff – mailing, filing, photocopying”.

He was named as Councillor of the Year at last year’s Scottish Politician of the Year awards. This was in recognition for his role in delivering the Commonwealth Games to Glasgow and a guaranteed “living wage” to thousands of workers.

The Commonwealth Games are going to be massively over budget and the Glasgow taxpayer is already suffering because of schools, sports facilities and community centres being closed down.

Some legacy, maybe he should hand the award back.

Another part of the Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell legacy was the guaranteed “living wage” to thousands of workers. The Council is trying to offload departments and as we have seen at Culture and Sport wanting to cut pay and conditions.

A Labour guarantee is worthless.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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The Source said...

What a diasgrace that this so called self confessed drug taket is NOT to be charged by police for taking cocaine
The Strathclyde police and PF's office are an utter shambles and send out the wrong signals to people, in public office or not, who take drugs, that they will get away with it.
If we cant have faith in out own criminal judiciary, where can we have where.

Just hope that the ongoing investigation into the other matter are still being looked into at the council and beyond as this is now a serious matter whcih needs serious answers