Friday, June 11, 2010

David Miliband Roadshow comes to Glasgow to meet and praise Glasgow Labour Party Mafia at City Chambers, 'free dinners' Matheson gets approval

Dear All

The David Miliband Roadshow comes to Glasgow, first port of call, stop by to see the Glasgow Labour Party Mafia at the City Chambers.

In coming to the Glasgow Labour Party Fiefdom, Miliband was quick to pay his ‘respects’ to Glasgow Labour Mafia Leader Gordon ‘free dinners’ Matheson.

When you come into some else’s domain ‘respect’ must be shown.

Leadership candidate David Miliband used his visit to warned cuts to an employment programme in Glasgow.

He claims the coalition cuts will lead to thousands of “wasted lives” in the city.

Not among Labour Party members, family, friends, associates and Labour donors, these people seem to be ring fenced when it comes to jobs and contracts.

Miliband to the time to address the Glasgow Labour Councillors of shame in the City Chambers fiercely criticised Tory-LibDems’ plans to cut the Future Jobs Fund.

The Future Jobs Fund is used to support the creation of jobs for long-term unemployed young people. Backers of the scheme including Celtic and Rangers which are ‘freebie destinations’ for Glasgow Labour Councillors of shame if you view their registers of interests.

Chancellor George Osborne has cancelled further payments from the fund which are in the region of about £290m.

The Labour Party destroyed the economy now there is a package of £6bn in cuts coming down the pipeline, announced last month.

If the banks hadn’t been deregulated by the Labour Government then we won’t be in the current mess, they have drove Britain into the deck.

To show how out of touch Miliband is he is calling for an “industrial future” for Glasgow, don’t Glaswegians aspire to be more than menial workers?

Apparently not in his eyes!

In meeting the Glasgow Labour Councillor of shame, Miliband said;

“I was very impressed with Gordon Matheson (city council leader) and his team. I met 30 or 40 councillors. They seemed to me to have the right combination of passion and principle on one hand, and innovation and realism on the other.”

And that’s why the Council has a reputation for corruption and cronyism through-out the West of Scotland.

Labour Donor Willie Haughey, £20 million in Labour controlled Glasgow City contracts.

Labour party relative Bridget McConnell, £132k Culture and Sport.

Labour Party member, Willie Docherty, £140k, City Building!

Labour Party member, Ron Culley, £129k Strathclyde Partnership for Transport!

And it goes on and on as they asset strip Glasgow of taxpayer funds.

Miliband is a pathetic joke.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

How does a Protestant get a job at Catholic Glasgow City Council?

They claim to be Catholic.

Boom boom.

Anonymous said...

Wasted lives in Glasgow?

Now there's an irony.

I hope that Miliband and the rest of the nutters remember that we are actually paying them to work in parliament for us. Now.

A reasonably good salary too.

So, when are they going to do it?