Monday, June 21, 2010

David Cameron brings in Labour Mafia Hitman John Hutton to 'kill' public sector pensions; angry John Prescott calls him a ‘collaborator’, ah buddies!

Dear All

When Blair came to power there was a lot of talk about the ‘big tent’ style of politics, Gordon Brown later tried the same thing but it was regarded by some as rather “creepy”.

The coalition Government’s big tent led by the Tories has been very clever, what better way to swing an axe than to bring in assassins from the enemy.

To that end Cameron has brought in former Labour Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton and Frank Field to work on independent commissions.

Hutton is heading up an Independent Pensions Commission and Field heads up a Poverty Commission.

As I previously blogged there is little difference between a Tory and Labour MP.

The Tories are not dumb.

They can put their hands up and point to Labour when the axe swings and swing it must.

Hutton taking this new role has brought down the fury of some former colleagues who have branded him a ‘collaborator’.

And that is what he and Field both are ‘collaborators’, their work will strengthen the Tory/Lib Dem position in Government in the South.

In the North the Lib Dems have been given Scotland which has been neutralised and sidelined.

Such is the upset that this has caused that ‘Daft workie come good’ John Prescott is up in arms.

The Former deputy prime minister calls it an “unedifying spectacle” to see a “collaborator” chairing a commission with “the obvious aim to dismantle state pensions”.

Harsh words but both Hutton and Field don’t care.

Prescott said on his blog:

“They’ve now turned a Con-Lib Government to a ConLibLab one and made themselves human shields for the most savage and heartless Tory policies in 20 years.”

Hutton was made a peer in the Dissolution Honours list so Prescott, who also accepted will have lots to talk about on the red benches.

One traitor talking to another, let’s hope that there is a microphone near by to pick up what will be lively exchanges.

Tories are looking long term, everyone else can't see pass their nose.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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