Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scottish Tories to do a review into how badly they did at Westminster Election, even one of their own candidates call them 'nest of vipers'

Dear All

The Scottish Conservatives did particularly badly in the Westminster election.

One seat out of 59!

This is a pathetic result considering the change in Tory fortunes south of the border.

It is so bad that the Tories are going to carry out a formal review into the future direction of the party.

So, what is it that the Scottish Tories lack in Scotland?

Credible candidates, credible policies and a credible image!

Here is another post I wrote on the treatment of Heather McLeod, former Tory Candidate in Glasgow South West.

Tories want to be MPs to rule people when they should push that they are there to serve people.
To give it a name, a return to public service values, the term is so degraded it has been wiped from political thinking.

In East Renfrewshire, a rich part of Newton Mearns the Tories in Richard ‘goofy’ Cook had a real chance. This is territory that you would think would switch with such an unpopular Labour Government.

But Cook’s message fell flat, elections are not won during the campaign but over years, you have to put the time in.

On his blog so far in 2010, he has written 5 entries this year.

So, what message is he trying to sell bar electing him?

Other than mouthing Tory policy, what does he think?

I took the time to look at what his opinion on human rights is;

Four posts which are more of a rant on crime rather than human rights, not one sensible argument on reform, where the reform should take place, proposals and ideas for discussion.

And he probably wonders why he didn’t get elected!

Scottish Tory chairman and ex MI6 spy Andrew Fulton said, with the election over, it was appropriate to review their approach.

There was an approach?

Tory peer Lord Forsyth describes his party as a "marginal" force in Scotland and it will remain so until they shift focus on where their delivery priorities should be achieved.

So far, they want the votes, they want power, they want the trappings but they don’t want to engage with the people other than on their terms.

Their terms are rejected!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

the 'review' is more appropriately called a 'BLAME-FEST'

Hardworking Pimp fae Glasgow said...

I think that the Tories could save £100k and sack Michael Crow, cost cutting exercise. Michael Crow has got to go, poor PR campaign with no impact. Annabel Goldie isn't cutting the mustard but to be fair, she hasn't had anything to spread said mustard on.

Tory Hoon Hater said...

Tories are hoons, Scottish Tories are worse than hoons.