Monday, June 28, 2010

Police Taser disabled bed-ridden 86-year-old woman in America, Scotland still awaiting first taser death, every time it is used brings us closer

Dear All

They say what happens in America eventually cross the Atlantic and ends up here.

American Police in Oklahoma have tasered an 86 year old woman while in her bed.

They allegedly pumped 50,000 volts through Lona Varner to subdue her.

She was in bed lying on her back.

The incident started off when her Grandson Lonnie Tinsley suspecting she had taken an overdose of pills, he called for an ambulance.

Next thing he knew ten police officers burst into her home, despite screaming ‘don’t Tase my granny’, one of the ten acting on orders from Officer Thomas Duran shot her.

As well as the 50,000 volt gift, Some of the ten officers at the scene are also accused of standing on the hose to Ms Varner’s oxygen mask ‘until she began to suffer oxygen deprivation’ in an attempt to calm her.

I am sure every 86 years old being deprived of oxygen feels 'calm'.

There is now a law suit by the family against police in Oklahoma for wrongful arrest, assault, battery and emotional distress.

The rationale for shooting seems bizarre; Officer Thomas Duran maintains the old woman took a ‘more aggressive posture in bed’.


It is then stated that Ms Varner pulled a kitchen knife from under her pillow and threatened to kill him, why she had a knife under her pillow remains to date a mystery.

But given the circumstances, it maybe submitted in evidence.

After getting tasered, she was then allegedly dragged from her bed and handcuffed by officers.

Then held at a mental hospital for six days!

At present Strathclyde Police is running a Taser pilot, so far no 86 year old woman has been tasered yet or pregnant woman.

Scotland is still waiting for its first taser death and every time it is used on the public brings us a step closer to that day.

At some point, a woman might be tasered while pregnant and lose her baby, everyone will do the usual politician thing of ‘how were we to know’, ‘deeply regretful’, ‘sorry’ blah blah blah.

The next Holyrood election gives politicians the chance to debate this issue and decide what kind of society we are seeking to have.

Anyone interested in civil liberties and human rights should reject this taser crap out of hand.

The use of the taser is unethical and immoral; the pilot should be scrapped immediately.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Iain Gray 4 First Minister said...

86 years old waving a blade about the pitch, she was asking for it. blade carriers should be sent to the clink. Vote Labour.

Himself said...

A few further examples here, though not kept up to date.