Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Comedian Billy Connolly set to get Freedom of the City of Glasgow, it might be an idea to avoid Springburn, 42% of people live in fear

Dear All

Comedian Billy Connolly is set to be honoured by the City of Glasgow, his home city, leading the charge is the Glasgow Labour Council of shame.

Billy Connolly is probably the most famous Glaswegian of modern times, known to many as The Big Yin.

So, he will probably receive the Freedom of the City when councillors vote next month on the issue.

The Freedom of the City is to recognise his contribution to comedy, film, music and charities which is considerable.

Billy Connolly has starred in movies, The Big Man, The Last Samurai, The Man who sued God and Mrs Brown as well as television shows.

Lord Provost Bob Winter said;

"Billy Connolly is arguably the world's best-known Glaswegian and is truly deserving of the Freedom of the City. A true Scottish and Glasgow great, as well as a Hollywood film star, he also works selflessly for charity, including Comic Relief. More recently, he has confronted difficult issues stemming from his personal background, such as childhood abuse and later alcoholism, with unflinching honesty. But above all, Billy Connolly has presented himself as a proud citizen of the city of Glasgow. In doing so he has shown the world the unique humour, generosity and resilience of Glaswegians."

A motion will be submitted to the city council at a meeting on June 24 which will probably receive cross party support.

Although Billy Connolly will get the Freedom of the City, he might want to stay away from Springburn.

42% of the people of Springburn recently polled said they lived fear of getting attacked by strangers.

They have nothing to laugh about because the Glasgow Labour Party mafia won’t take action against the organised crime families in the city.

When Billy Connolly is honoured I wonder if this will be a reason for Gordon ‘free dinners’ Matheson to arrange a buffet, paid for by the taxpayer or go the whole hog and splash out on a formal dinner!

I suppose that jokes about the SPT, Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell, pay packets of Labour Party members and relatives in quangos and million pound contracts to Labour donors won’t form part of the acceptance speech.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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